Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You So Wish...

I was your wingman. Admit it.

My coworker was wondering how he might improve his game with the ladies. I, being the fucking marketing genius I am, decided to help a brother out. Chicks dig business cards. And chicks dig Presidents. Well, at least some Presidents. If you ask this chick. This chick is a little discretionary in the Presidential love.

Ahem, anyway. I decided to make him some business cards. Because I'm nice like that. Check it out (identifying info changed to protect the innocent):

He's so gonna get some.

5 Leg Humps:

Amy said...


I bet he goes home every night thanking the stars that he is exposed, daily, to your obvious brilliance.

Phil said...

But the big test of wingmanness is: Are you handing these cards out to the hotties? Because, y'know, they're not gonna do any good tucked in a drawer somewhere.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Crazy Lady said...

Oh yes - he will be gettin' him some.

Effortlessly Average said...

Now all he needs is a line that reads:

Lifetime Member, Brothel of the Month Club

and he'll be set.

Personally I went another route. I had my cards printed with EA - Astronaut" because we all know astronauts get all the tang they can handle.

Slick said...

He'll get some alright....

We're talking about weird looks and being laughed at, right?? :)


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