Monday, March 10, 2008

I Have a Hairy Ass

Or, not quite, but it's getting there.

In other words, my hair is really fucking long. Wait, let me show you a picture.

Hang on. (It's kind of cool how you won't be hanging on for long because by the time I post this, with picture, you'll see it all instantaneous-like. Nifty how that works.)

So, yeah. It's long. And Zube Boy wants me to cut it.

So does my Mom.

So does Hoot.

My Belle doesn't. Well, she thinks I should get a trim. I happen to agree, but I'm struggling with whether to JUST get it trimmed or get it totally cut.

I haven't asked my Dad, but I'm willing to bet he'll say not to get it cut. He likes long hair.

I think I've maxed out Bro with the girly talk back in the miscarriage days. I've lamented the state of my uterus to him, and he was a good sport about it. I don't want to push it.

Here's the deal. I'm ATTACHED to my hair. Like, really attached. And have been for a while. As it's been to me. I mean, I'm willing to bet that there is incriminating evidence in my split ends somewhere. And we all know how long ago those days were for me. Well, maybe we don't, but I do.

Sometimes I find hair that's gotten tangled in the errant threads of my underpants, because who the hell has the money to be buying new underwear these days? And that hair belongs on the BATHROOM SHOWER WALLS, NOT in the intricacies of my unmentionables, donchya know.

It's a hairy situation, I tell ya. And I'm remiss to make up my mind. So I prolly won't. Not anytime soon, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

My best friend has hair as long as your right now, and she's getting ready to chop it off and donate it to Locks of Love. I think it's awesome... if I had hair long enough, I'd totally chop it off and give them my former ponytail!

Anonymous said...

nice butt shot sis.... glad to see you are back in action 2 times in 3 days, by the way I am rooting for the long hair but whatever you decide to do it will be beautiful either way, just don't cut a lot off!! I'm contradicting myself but I mean it.. My Belle

karen said...

If you go for the all-chopped-off option, be prepared to bring a scarf. Your neck will FREEZE. This? Is the voice of experience.

Unknown said...

Take off 10 inches and give it to Locks of Love! I'm working on my 3rd donation right now!

Shal said...

i vote for locks of love as if my vote meant anything, but colorado is still in winter, so be prepared for the cold!

I think you would look great with short hair! And it's so much easier to take care of than long (albeit, pretty) hair!

Anonymous said...

I am going with the locks of love donation too! And ten's not that much! You will still have long hair! It will just be much lighter! Good LUCK!

Crazy Lady said...

I'm all for donating to Locks of Love! Plus I am a short hair kind of girl, so my vote (you know, if we were voting) would be to take some of it off.

Phil said...

I say cut it. Mostly just because Hoot says cut it. And I like to agree with hot single women. So yeah, cut it. Then turn it into a pillow or sweater or something cool for the Turtle. Or donate it to Locks for Love. Or shove chunks of it down every drain in the house just to annoy Zube Boy. Or whatever.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Chickie said...

I'm selfish and say "keep the hair!". Maybe this is because I'm trying to grow mine back out to that length.

PaintingChef said...

I was just think "Locks of Love" too! I chop mine about every three years when it gets that long and donate it.

And you will still have plenty of hair after cutting it. Hey... think how much less shampoo and conditioner you'll use...


Anonymous said...

You could always cut it, and then donate it?! -Damian

Ginamonster said...

If you aren't the one wanting it cut, that for fuck's sake, DON'T cut it. It's YOURS for goodness sake. If you cut it because other people say you should then you'll wish you hadn't and you'll be all bitter at the people who told you to cut it. Sure, it will grow back, but I've spent like 9 years trying to get mine to grow to the same length it was before I cut it and it just doesn't seem to be working.

Hopefully, if you do decide to cut, you won't discover that all that hair hides a very small head.

a pin head

ps I missed you!


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