Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Bits

Today I saw seven skiers, skis askew over their shoulders, walking paintstakingly in their ski boots out the lobby doors on their way to the chairlift. They were all in line. Upon seeing them, I instinctively started to sing, "Hi-ho, hi-ho..." I don't think they thought I was as funny as I did.

Last week a coworker and I were trying to nickname the seven people in the office. We were short one nickname, so I called my Mom.


Mom: Hello.

Z-Girl: Okay, so Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, and Sneezy. Who am I missing?

Mom: Umm, let me think, Doc, Happy, um, Bashful!

Z-Girl: Thanks.

You know, I could look these things up on the internet, but it's just not the same. Oh, I'm Doc, by the way. What can I say, I got first pick.

I'm feeling just awful for poor little Zee. She's got a raw tushie. Not that that's the kind of thing you prolly want to know, but hell, who asked you? Diaper rash sucks. And what kills me, is she's been absolutely cheery throughout the hole (Umm, not entirely an inappropriate typo) thing. I mean, I know how crotchety I get when my bung-hole is a little itchy and her whole ass is on fire and she's still smiling. What a trooper. I think she enjoys the 'Naked Time' I've implemented with the express interest of airing out her bottom. Come to think of it, who doesn't enjoy 'Naked Time'? Eh well, we're working on this diaper rash deal as best we can. Anyone have any suggestions? I was going to assk (Haha! Okay, these typos are killing me.) the Mommas, but I'm sure that anyone out there is capable of tossing out an amusing cure for what ails my poor little Zee. And that, my friends, I Am asking you. Whether you wanted to hear about this debacle or not.

This post was brought to you by Capitol Z

PS - Just fair warning...If you're considering 'dropping in' on someone who works in the ski industry in MARCH to discuss your future event, think again. Howz about you try calling and making an appointment. And it just might not be possible for another week or so. Certainly, it would impress you to know that the person you're wanting to meet with is MORE CONCERNED with the events she has currently taking place than ones that are in the future. Wouldn't you expect people to give your the same courtesy when she is busy attending to your event?

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Virginia said...

I'm in love with Beaudreaux's Butt Paste (I think I spelled that right!). We use it at work and it's the best, IMO. Also, have you looked at cloth diapers at all? There are TONS of resources out there anymore, and they're really not any harder than disposables anymore, and of course way cheaper. They help with diaper rash because they breathe better.

Good luck!

Zube Girl said...

Virginia- Thank you for the butt paste rec. I think I had one in a gift basket from someone, I'll dig it up. Also, when she is rashy I always use cloth at home (just the old school white ones with pins), and when she's not rashy, I do try to use them when we're hanging out around the house. I REALLY should use the cloth more than I do. At daycare they'll only do disposables, though, so I've gotten a bit lax. Thank you again! Good to have a professional opinion!

Maegan said...

I second the Butt Paste. My daughter is 16 months and my friend gave it to me before she was born and she hasn't had a serious rash yet. We put a little on every night before bed, since that is when she is in her diaper for hours on end. I have also heard that for a rash that has already erupted, Bag Balm is good. It's actually for cows, but someone discovered it works for babies too. It should only take one day of the Bag Balm to clear up the rash. I've seen this at CostCo, and I'm sure it's available other places. Hope that helps!

karen said...

Bag Balm also goes by Udder Cream but you should check the label - it tends to have a lot of unpronounceable ingredients that are neither soothing nor comforting and might just sting a bit. Butt Paste is good; also cheery ol' Desitin works. Desitin is also great for wearing on your (face) cheeks when skiing on dry days, IMHO. Remember that whole colored zinc craze in the '80s? It was really just a lot of people skiing around with butt cream on their noses. If she's rashy due to loosey-goosey bowels, try feeding her some bananas and see if that solidifys things a bit.

Waldo said...

I recently had an AWFUL case of diaper rash with my baby and nothing worked so I called for a nurse's consult. I mean it was so bad it bled a little. (My parenting wasn't that bad, I just thought it would get better with Desitin and I felt silly calling the doctor about diaper rash.)

I was told to stop all use of commercial wipes. "Use only water and a paper towel or washcloth." Even the sensitive wipes have stuff on them that creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, give the baby a couple of baths with baking soda in the water. It helps dry out the derriere. Finally, include extra time for nudity. Sounds like you've already done that.

I followed those directions and it got better right away.

Chickie said...

I have no idea what to do for diaper rash but do extend my sympathies to Zee. It must suck to be a baby and not able to talk about something when it bugs you.

Anonymous said...

My kids both got diaper rashes that wouldn't go away. The reason why is because it was a yeast infection diaper rash. You may need to take her to the dr to get the right antibacterial ointment. Once I used the right stuff it cleared up immediately.

Crazy Lady said...

If it refuses to go away - it could be fungal. This is what my doctor recomended with my oldest - and I used it on all 3 kids. Get some jock itch medicine - and apply a thin layer to the rash, then use diaper ointment. The anti-fungal in the ointment clears up the yeast infection right away! I swear by it!


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