Friday, April 04, 2008

Pinked Out

I like to pretend Zee Baby likes dinosaurs.

But really, I like dinosaurs.

I'm totally not all pinky-pinky girly-girl and I dress Zee in all of the wonderful colors of the rainbow. I'm not morally opposed to pink. It's a cool color. But sometimes it seems like the only color out there for girls clothes. So, I find myself shopping, as you'll notice above, in the boy's section. Eh well.

That said, I think it's kind of funny that her most favoritest blanket in the world that she sleeps with every night? Is this pink silky number with a shoe and a tiara on it that says, "I'm a Princess."

Ha! I'm hoping she'll be a happy blend of both Tomboy and Princess. That'll work.

4 Leg Humps:

Crazy Lady said...

My "princess", who will be 10 in just a few days, is just as happy to wear jeans and play baseball with her brothers, as she is to wear her sparkly shoes and dresses. It is a lot of fun to have a little girl at home in both worlds.

Shal said...

I did the same thing.. the boys section has a better variety... i am so sick of pastels and all shades of pink...

Chickie said...

It' okay to dress her to please you. I hear that once they become more mobile that they insist upon dressing to please themselves and the result isn't always pleasing to the eye!

Rich | Championable said...

My daughter's favorite color changed recently. It's currently "Pink." For the two years prior, it was "Hot Pink." How she even knew what "Hot Pink" was, I have no idea.


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