Sunday, July 06, 2008

Playing Footsies...With Brad...Well, Brad's Face, Anyway

Sometime when I wear slippers or socks it hinders my stealth ninja-like movements. So at night I always struggle with the decision to wear, or not to wear, footware. You see, when you're totally desirable like me you never know just who is going to be lurking around the corner (Yes, Brad, I'm looking at you) awaiting a swift Zube-style kung-fu-ing. With a little chop suey-ing thrown in for good measure. You never know when a bottle of soy sauce is going to come in handy. Stings the eyes.

Anyway, there is nothing more embarrassing (and perhaps life-threatening) than attempting to execute a seamless kick in the jaw than slipping and falling on your ass in the process.

The thing is, though, I hate having bare feet in the house. A city street? Sure. My living room? Nah. What with all of the animal fur getting stuck in between my toes and stuff. So I usually opt to wear socks or slippers despite the risk.

Which is cool in it's own right because I can then do the Moonwalk with finesse. And ease. I'm being so descriptive here I bet you can actually almost picture it.

Also, I'm pretending I missed the comments where you all asked to see me breakdance. You see, I'm afraid I forgot to mention I don't do it WELL. But, now that I've divulged that fact, you probably want to see me do it even more. Hmm...

3 Leg Humps:

Crazy Lady said...

I'm just the opposite - I can't stand to be barefoot out side, but I hate to have anything on my feet inside. Dog hair be damned!

Chickie said...

I wear little low-cut socks in the house and pretend they are ninja slippers. If I'm being really sneaky, I'll wear my husband's black socks. They make you invisible.

Zube Girl said...

Crazy Lady, I don't know what it is with me and the hair between my toes. You'd think I'd prefer that to, oh, I don't know, glass on the sidewalk.

Chickie, I will love you forever for letting me in on the black socks secret. I thought black socks (with sandals) only held the power to make the grill work. I had no idea about invisibility!


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