Saturday, April 16, 2005

Boozing by Appointment Only

Here's the thing. I love me an adult beverage on almost any given day, I won't deny that, but, I've got issues with 'Girl's Night Out'. It sucks because the whole premise of it is to have fun. I have two groups of friends who have established Girl's Nights, which I am expected to excitedly attend. There are 'Girl's Nights' with hang-out friends on the first Monday of every month and with work friends the second Tuesday of every month.

At each month's beginning, I open up my big black planner, and enter in all of the month's scheduled events, including Girl's Night. Instead of anticipating the gathering, I've come to dread it. I mean, if one of my gal pals happened to call me up at beer:30 on the first Monday in May and ask me if I'd like to go to Mi Casa for $1.00 beers, I'd be all, "Hell Yeah!" about it. But, there's something about knowing that on December 5, 2005, I'm probably going to be pouting on a couch in The Crown over a dish of ice cream with my lady friends, that just sucks the fun right out of, well, fun. And then what are you left with? Nothing.

I'm thinking my annoyance has become more evident because I'm turning *Gasp* 30!!! And, I'm all, "What the fuck happened? I used to be cool, and now I'm fucking scheduling the consumption of beer in my god-damned planner! Whatever came of spontaneity?"

It's bad enough that I almost joyfully peed my pants because we got this awesomeness of a new washer (it is sooooo quiet, I know you're jealous...Right?), but now I have to plan to drink beer!?!? What next? Adult diapers? Well, okay, I'm jumping the gun. But, baby diapers? Ummm. You know, we're actually thinking about that. Le Sigh.

Can I just tell my friends to call me up and surprise me on 'Girl's Night' and I'll be all about it? Is that okay?

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