Thursday, June 09, 2005

Whatever, Ass

Zube Boy and I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico. There are so many conversations I'm just dying to tell you about. Here's one which occurred while we were sitting on the beach.

Zube Boy: Honey, can we sit over there.

Zube Girl: No. I want to sit under this coconut tree because it's nice and shady.

Boy: But, it's dangerous. What if a coconut falls on your head. I don't want you to get hurt. It's safer over there.

Girl: No, I don't care. Besides, you're more in the direct line of coconut fire anyway. I'm already a lobster as a result of yesterday. Over there is in the sun. Overdone lobster is even worse than the current shellfish look I'm rocking.

Boy: Puhleeeeeaze can we sit over there.

Girl: NO! Why do you want to sit over there any...Oh. I see. Could it be that hot chick in the thong bikini that's causing this sudden desire to move?

Boy: Maybe.

Girl: She has a fine ass.

Boy: So, can we move.

Girl: I bet I'd look a lot like that in a thong bathing suit.

Boy: Yeah. She would kind of remind me of you if someone painted her ass white and put dents on it.

Girl: Give me a beer.

Boy: Can...

Girl: No.

Boy: Bu...

Girl: No! You've got a perfectly sweet white denty ass right here. Now shut up. I'm almost finished with this book.

Boy: You're no fun. I'm going to the casino.

Girl: Maybe you'll win big enough so that we can afford some tanning sessions and botox for my ass dimples.

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