Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Birthday Bitch, and Other Nonsense

-Today is My Belle’s twentieth birthday! Whee! Happy birthday beyotch! One more year before all of us siblings can go to the bar together and get all sloppy and shit. Above is a photo of us at our cousin’s wedding. We were being goofy. Imagine that.

-I’m wearing my lumpy bra today. Fortunately my shirt is fairly loose. I’m too lazy to handwash my bras, so they get all fucked up. Oops. I think I just admitted that I wear padded bras.

-I had to scrape FROST off of my fucking car windows this morning. Did I mention it’s AUGUST? In America! It’s just not right.

-I commented the other day on an abortion clinic blog that was being overrun by Pro-Lifers. I briefly summed up my story. I keep checking back to see if anyone is praying for me or hating on me, and no one has responded yet. It’s been about 36 hours now. That is the first gap in comments longer than twelve hours.

-Zube Boy reads my blog. As do my Mom and sisters. I think my Dad might read it once in a while, but I’m not sure. I basically gave them all the address because I didn’t want a safe haven for spewing forth lies, and if I didn’t tell people about it, I would’ve been far too tempted to create that.

-I feel really good and happy today. I probably shouldn't drive. That's just asking for trouble.

18 Leg Humps:

my belle said...

my birthday! thanks tree!!I wish you were here to celebrate.. but definitely on my 21st if it's the day of my birthday or not we will be celebrating together!!!

Kjersten said...

Pad away! I hate un-padded bras. I actually have a gel one that I adore... doesn't bunch up after washing like the padded ones.

Jess said...

I saw your comment on there, I have been fighting with those jackasses for a few days now.. I posted on there too, guess i let the cat out of the bag but i didnt give my site addy... go back n look on the same post for me im there .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BDAY GIRL.. may all your birthdays be just as blessed!

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

I like padded too. They keep my spirits up also.

And now that you've mentioned Randy Rhodes, I think Dutch Oven's planning to leave me and move in with you. :) You can pretend he's your new kitty, but he does some housework. He's not litter-trained, though.

Glad to be back visiting!

PaintingChef said...

Happy Birthday my Belle! (I call my sister "My Betsy"! Called her that since she was born)

Patrick reads mine every now and then. I didn't tell any of the rest of my family about it though, nor any of my friends who live here. I kind of like it being a little more "anonymous" to the people I see every day. Its a better outlet that way.

Zube Girl said...

My Belle- Yes indeedy, but you'd better hurry up, because I'm losing my inclination to party!

Kjersten- And it just gets so cold here! Believe it or not, but sometimes I like to be modest, and don't need to be nippin' all the hell over the place!

Jess- That was YOU! Yeah, we're just getting ignored left and right. Whatever.

Bonanza Jellybean- Welcome back! Okay, Dutch Oven loves Randi Rhodes, too?! Well, I think it's only fair to trade. Zube Boy is litter trained, but he doesn't do housework. Heh.

PaintingChef- I'm rereading and hoping it didn't seem like I was implying that if someone doesn't tell everyfreakinone about their blog, they're liars.

I just have to keep the evil part of my duplicitous personality in check. Always! :-)

zazzafooky said...

At first I hid my blog, now everyone frickin knows but I just said fook it. Who cares?

I'm glad you're happy and maybe you should stay out from behind the wheel! :-)

Kjersten said...

I tell everyone about my blog, but most people just think I'm a geek and ignore me :) They say "you BLOG??" like I just told them I pick my nose and eat it all. day. long.

Rick said...

praying :) i hope.

t~ said...

Padded? Does anyone else have the silicone insert ones? My blog addy? God damn... my momma'd keel over dead if she knew i was bi.... then she'd blame my father 'cause i found a porn magazine once when i was a kid. My family doesn't know crap and it's a hell of a lot better that way.

I wonder if my bible slinging aunt is gonna figure it out when I move down the street from her in CO. Springs next summer... Hmmmmm...

mothergoosemouse said...

I'm sure your comment/story has shamed them into silence. Hey, I can always hope.

And I'm with you on not blogging anything you wouldn't say to someone's face.

Happy birthday to your Belle!

junebee said...

Enjoy your sis' birthday. And wish her many, many more.

You have lumpy bras - I have twisted ones from the underwires getting literally bent out of shape. Every time I have to spend money on new bras I promise myself I will hand wash them so they will last longer and of course I never do.

The Lumpy Bras would be a good name for a feminist rock group (h.t to Dave Barry).

junebee said...

And what's up with the dots on the foreheads? Was it an Indian wedding or something?

Bonanza Jellybean said...


I was reading too quickly and thought you meant Randy Rhodes, Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist. He's heartbroken now that it's not the same person... :) I might get to keep him another week. Maybe I can get him litter-trained for you!

kyknoord said...

Aha! So that explains the Mark Of The Beast on your foreheads. Padded bras are the work of the Devil!

Zube Girl said...

TJ- Fook it! Precisely. :-)

Kjersten- Heh. That's kind of the response I get, too. :-)

Rick- That would be better than the alternative, eh?

T~ Now, that I can understand!

Mother Goosemouse- They've started commenting again. Completely ignoring me, of course. Eh well. I was hoping for some hate mail!

Junebee- The Lumpy Bras would be an awesome name for a chick band! :-)

And, they dots were little glitterly things that were laying on all the tables. We stuck them to our foreheads to be funny.

Bonanza Jellybean- I was going to say, woah! That's just too much! That's okay. He's still cool if you ask me!

Kyknoord- You, mister, know way too much!

Tessa said...

RE: your story on the pro-life bombarded abortion clinic site..

You're damn awesome. The US needs more people like you. Speak out, keep our rights ours.

Zube Girl said...

Tessa- Thank you. It's a constant battle to keep my mouth open WRT this. It would be a lot easier to fall into the background.


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