Sunday, August 14, 2005


Okay folks. It is now time for our second edition of CAWOW! I've got to give mad props to my friend Chickie over at Skittering Thoughts for playing along. Her pooch-a-roo is oh so twee in her pink digs.

I managed to use the Cool Ass Word of the Week!, though I was driving, so sadly there were no witnesses. Well, it was warm and the car window was down, so maybe someone heard me. I can say with certainty that it was not heard by the dumb bitch to whom it was yelled.

I was driving down Main Street and came to a stop at a pedestrian crosswalk to let some pedestrians cross the street, 'cause I'm a law abiding citizen like that. I lost my temper a wee bit and yelled out, "If you would take your twee ass little bichon frise and shove it up your ass, you might actually get across the street what with all the pink-poochie-hair-bow picking up that would NOT be going on! I know you're a tourist and shit and this is your vacation and you can dawdle all you want, but I've got to FUCKING go to WORK! Now cross the street!"

Hee. I dig the affect of using twee along with my most favorite adjective. Ass.

The new word this week:

dulcet - adj.
a. Pleasing to the ear; melodious.
b. Having a soothing, agreeable quality.
2. Archaic Sweet to the taste.

A huge thanks to Kyknoord for suggesting it. Dulcet may prove to be a very fun word indeed. Remember guys and gals, I'm open for suggestions, so if you've got a word you're just dying for me to yell at someone, give it up!

Have fun with this week's word. I'm off in search of something sweet to the taste. Heh. And I'm not talking beer people. For once.

10 Leg Humps:

Thomas L. Knapp said...

Zube, Zube, Zube ... tweeeeeeeee!


Zube said...

Why thank you. :-) I do declare that I am happy to be defined as twee.

kyknoord said...

I'm guessing 'the dulcet strains of hostage release', isn't quite going to cut it?

Storm said...

I'm sure that lady enjoyed your dulcet tones as you told her to move her twee ass bichon fise.

Zube said...

Kyknoord- HA! I needed that laugh!

Storm- I hope so. I almost sprained my vocal chords.

Anonymous said...

Love the word of the week, I was able to use it in my post.

Blog ho said...

fucking beezon freezays.

Zube said...

TXSM- Kudos! You shall get a mention next week! And, I'll pick up the meme when I get a chance.

Blog Ho- Particularly the ones with pink bows that fall off in the middle of a pedestrian crosswalk.

t~ said...

The fucking tourists are the same here too. You'll be driving down the two lane road in the morning as part of the wagon train line of cars when you'll notice out of the corner of you eye (in between adjusting the radio, yelling at the kids, and answering the cell phone) that some tour-it is trying to cross the road but no one wants to stop. So you do because you kinda feel bad, and shit they are in the crosswalk. It is the law right? But for what? They take their goddamn sweet fucking time to do it wearing the hideous blatant "I'm a tourist" clothing of socks with their slippers or bright atrocious hilo hattie aloha shirts and kukui nut leis; or even better, the ones in the bathing suits that make you wonder... have they ever heard the term "cover up" that goes over the brazilian bikini? Seriously though, those I ones I struggle with, I mean, you've got to admire their ability to be comfortable with the fact that their 200+ lbs on their 5'5" frame, cottage cheese dimpled asses are being proudly displayed for all poor unsuspecting passersby; but at the same time... that is just sooo wrong.

OH! and i've had people visit my blog when i show up in their MSN search results looking for you....

Aloha from maui!!

Zube said...

T~ Freaking tourists! They are so easy to spot.

I can't believe people find you searching for me! How odd!


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