Monday, August 15, 2005

New Friends, Ew Friends, and Gas. Of course.

So, I just want to say hello to some newbies! You know who you are with servers in Maryland, Jersey, California and Texas! Oh yeah, I think there is also Arizona and Ohio. Feel free to say hello! I don't bite. Sometimes I hit, but only if you piss me off.

And while I'm encouraging folks to delurk, I'd like to mention that whoever found me by searching 'girl getting fucked by animals' can wallow in the lurking pit. For real. Ew.

I wouldn't mind a greeting from the person who stumbled here searching 'ass fart girl' because that's kind of kicky. I'm driving myself a little bonkers wondering if you've got a fetish or are a fourteen year old kid searching fucked up things on the internet. I think if I were a super hero, I would be the Ass Fart Girl. Clearing the air so everyone is safe from stinky hineys everywhere. I'd wear a cape that smelled like Febreze and carry around candles and such. Whee!

Anywho, I'm just saying hi, 'cause my Mom always told me to be nice and shit like that.

15 Leg Humps:

OldGuy said...

Ass Fart Girl eh ?

I'd love to see the costume for that one !

Jerzey Girl said...

Just saying "hi" from NJ :)

Gina said...

Hi, MO here.

zazzafooky said...

Those lurkers drive me nuts! But they're special too ;-) - hope you get a few to come out.

Phil said...

Well, I haven't really been lurking (or maybe I'm just REALLY bad at it), but I'll go ahead and pop my head in here and say "Hi from Cali!"


carrie said...

hehe..I get search terms like that too!
most recently:

fart on me
i think that i am going to fart
padlocked scrotum
can i fuck your poo pot

kyknoord said...

Wouldn't it be cool if AFG drove a methane-powered car? "Putting Evil Stink to Good Work, citizens!"

TBarr said...

delurkification complete. tbarrgo from MO...says, um, yo. that was gay, (not that there's...).

PaintingChef said...

I think that Ass Fart Girl would also carry around a big ass (hehe) box of matches.

Jess said...

I found you from junebee's comments, Hope you dont mind my putting you on my links... nice blog ill be 'lurking' somewhere :)

Zube Girl said...

Old Guy- It would be pink, because that's like, the anti-stink color or something.

Jerzey Girl- Hiya!

Gina- Well greetings! :~)

TJ- Whee! It is happenin'.

Phil- You bad lurker! Just kidding.

Carrie- Oh my gawd. "I think that I'm going to fart" is hilarious. I just got another one.

'Girl wrestle in bathroom'

Kyknoord- You are a marketing genius.

Tbarr- Howdy! :-)

Painting Chef- Heh. She would most certainly need those.

Jess- Not a problem! Thanks for delurking.

Tessa said...

Delurker from northern California.
You rock. Copious amounts of rock. You rock so much you could be Ayers Rock.
See why we lurkers lurk? We can't comment worth a damn.

Zube Girl said...

Tessa- Why thank ya! And ya'll too can comment worth a damn. And that's the gospel here, because here I am the queen.

Z said...

You never mentioned England. Hi from the UK
Zach is a good name for a cat. Zach the cat. See how it works.

Zube Girl said...

Z- Aha! I knew I missed some. Greetings! Zack is the name of our dog already! But thanks! :-)


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