Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I've Gone and Memed Myself

I posed three questions to TJ over at Zazzafooky, and now it's my turn. Here's the rulez, yo:

~ Ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, private or random.

~ I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.

~ In turn, you post this message in your own blog or journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.*

*If you interrogate me, and then don't post the meme on your blog, I will hunt you down and tickle your armpits with pigeon feathers. If that doesn't sound insufferable to you, then, well, you're just plumb fucking crazy.

10 Leg Humps:

Rick said...

1) what is your favorite movie of all time - the one that will make you drop everything to watch whenever it's on TNT?
2) where are your keys right now, and why?
3) if you could ask God anything, and He answered you back - what would that mean to you?

;) i'll tag you back when you answer - ciao!

kyknoord said...

Pigeon feathers? Yick. That is a truly heinous threat, because pigeons hardly ever take a bath and they smell of bird poop.

christina said...

1. What was the most expensive single item of clothing you have ever bought for yourself?

2. If you could have a conversation with ANYONE, living or dead, who would it be? And Why?

3. What color are the sheets that are on your bed right now?

...and, I'm going to pass on the pigeon feather torture! =0P

Phil said...

I am SO going to regret doing this, because I know you'll retaliate with some really bad questions. But what can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment.

1. What is the longest period of time you've worn one pair of underwear without washing it?

2. Who is your favorite porn star of all time and why?

3. If you HAD to live for one day as an item in your bathroom, what would it be and why?


Kjersten said...

1. What was your favorite class in college?

2. What was your first job? (babysitting and lawn mowing type jobs don't count)

3. What is your most favorite book of all time?

Courtney said...

Hmmm... some questions. I've already asked you about flip-flops...

What movie/tv star do you wish would just curl up and die already?

Is there any food that you can't tolerate? What is it? And not because of allergies- just because you hate it.

What was the most awkward situation you've ever found yourself in?

Ready, set, go!

Zube Girl said...

Thanks for your interview questions all!

The Cubicle Reverend said...

Here are 3 more for you:
1)What is the wierdest situation you've been in whether you caused it or not.

2)What is the longest you've spent eating a meal (not just sitting and talking I mean actually eating)?

(4)What was your worst date?

LaLa Lisa said...

Psst...isn't it Kjersten's turn to be interrogated? Hehe. Shh, don't tell her I snitched! :)

Leslie said...

I love this! I WAS going to interrogate you with some kickass questions, but now I have to rethink that since I'll get scalded right back. Til then, I'm adding you to my blog reading list. Stop by!


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