Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Zube Boy thinks he's such a bad ass. He likes to torment me by writing 'Zubesmell' all over the damn place:

That would be the side of our countertop, which is still awaiting its oak trim. I've found it written on drywall, which is now painted over, on subfloors now covered with tile, and la la la.

Notice the only normal name above? Punk. Our roommate Zig, dubbed Ziggles by yours truly, moved out of our house, uh, six months ago. Yeah. We're a bit slow.

Also, check out the address when you click on this picture.

I can only conclude that the subject of this experiment, I mean marriage, is obsessed with the Zubesmell. And, hell. I can't fucking blame him.

In other news, I GET TO TAKE A DAMN VACATION FINALLY!!! I'll arrive in North Carolina on September 23rd via Denver to visit my padre and his fabulous wife. From North Carolina I head up to Jersey on the 26th to attend my cousin's wedding and kick up dirt or, uh, pavement, on my old stomping grounds. October 3rd marks the end of my holiday, and I'll head back up to my little rancher in the mountains, and my husband who'll have been pining for my lovin' for, what's that, like ten days?

What this means to you all is that I will have limited internet access. Well actually, Mom has dial-up but I'm too much of a snobby brat to fuck with that so while I'm sure I'll pop on once in a while, I probably won't be updating quite so often.

I'm looking for guest writers. I'd hate for my blog to be inactive for so long, and I'm sure I'll be able to post a couple of times, but I'll probably be knocking back some adult beverages and hanging with the family. I think it would serve me well to step back from the keyboard and such. And, what fun it will be to relay stories of the OTHER Zubes upon my return. The clan that's 2,000 miles away from here is cool as shit and the more time I rock out with 'em, the more tales for the telling.

E-mail me* if you are at all interested. Pretty please. Don't be scared. You all know I don't bite. I pinch, but not if you're cool. And if you're reading this, you're cool in my book. Just so's ya know, if I don't get any damn e-mails, I'm going to stalk, I mean solicit help. So, ACT NOW!

*The e-mail link is right up thar under my profile. Duh!

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zazzafooky said...

I have to know the origination of this nickname! :-)

Kjersten said...

Congrats on the vacation plans. Sounds like it will be a fun trip. If you find yourself in the DC area looking to kill some time, just let me know! :)

I would offer my assistence with the writing, just to help out when help is requested... but I have enough trouble thinking up crap to write for my own.

Julie Marsh said...

If you find any dirt in Jersey, let me know. Before someone paves over it.

I'll post one day for you. I've got a draft all ready that is right up your alley. Let me know - you've got my e-mail.

Phil said...

I'm somewhat curious about the origin of the nickname, too. But part of me is scared to find out. lol

Cool beans on the vacating thing. Have a blast!


Christopher Trottier said...

Guest writer,eh? I should be looking for one of those soon.

junebee said...

Don't think I could hold a candle or I'd offer to guest-post. Have an awesome time and keep that Zubesmell going on.

BTW I was relieved to learn that "Zubesmell" is written on UNFINISHED
parts of the house that will be painted or laminated over. And will Zubeboy take
proper care of Zack, Zander, Zoey and

Dutch Oven said...

I hear the Pine Barrens actually still has some dirt if you make it to the south side of Jersey.

Enjoy . . .

Zube said...

TJ- You know, I seriously have no idea. And, since I've asked, he won't tell me the answer because he's a devil of a man who loves when he knows things I don't. If I ever do find out, y'all will be the second to know. Second to me!

Kjersten- Thanks! I am so, so excited to get away.

Mother Goosemouse- I would LOVE if you would guest post. I'm still surfing my inbox for your address.

Phil- I totally will have a blast.

Christopher- Thanks for stopping by.

Junebee- Just PROMISE me that if you hear of anymore strange bathroom occurrences, you'll send 'em my way! ;-) Zube Boy will take fine care of the Z-animals. They'll keep him from getting lonely, that's for sure.

Dutch Oven- Heh. Though, the pine barrens would be more sandy, eh?

Al said...

I gotta say, that's pretty funny. 30 years from now, some contractor will be demo'ing your kitchen and say WTF is zubesmell?

If you get desperate, let me know and I can try and write a post that's up to your standards

Zube said...

Al- I would love that actually. I'll e-mail you when I get my freakin' home internet working, which should be tomorrow sometime. Apparently, they like to get paid for their services.


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