Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm Annoyed With Myself...Or...User's Choice

Do you ever get on your nerves? I do. Often.

I attempted to update 'My Favorite Entries' over yonder in the sidebar and was unable to find any entries that didn't perturb the hell out of me. I hate the word perturb. How appropriate. Anyway, I'm remiss to go reading through my archives in search of little bits I'm actually proud to have written because, well, given this self annoyance I'm experiencing at the moment, it just wouldn't be the best idea.

So, I have a kind of stupid, self indulgent question. What, dear friends, is YOUR favorite entry?

Hey! Check it out! I have a little piece of pink lint in my bellybutton! Oh shit. I'm not doing THAT kind of navel-gazing at the moment.

Care to indulge my curiosity?

Also, in the name of reciprocation, if you wouldn't mind linking to your *own* favorite entry on your blog. I love knowing what folks love about themselves. It lets me know that lovin' on myself is okay. Heh. In more ways than one...HOWEVER, I don't need those kind of links, exactly.

Geez. Now I'm REALLY annoyed. Where'd my beer go?

10 Leg Humps:

Bonanza Jellybean said...

I personally like the entry about your ass eating your undies, but I have a short memory, so I'm sure there's stuff before that I really liked too.

And my own favorite? Ugh. I usually readmine later and am like "what a pompous bitch I am," but I guess if I had to pick, it would be the butt plug story. I like ones where I make a total ass of myself. :) Here's the link:

Zube Girl said...

Thanks Bonanza. I was wicked curious about it last night for some reason because sometimes I'll write something I think is just the BEST and it will receive a warm reaction. Other times, vice versa.

I have to say, my favorite entry of yours, and the one that got me reading your blog daily was your rebuttal to the people who e-mailed you about how you raise Lil Cowgirl. Hee.e

It's here:

For those who might be interested. July 28, couple posts down.

Zube Girl said...

Well, damn. The link thing didn't work. Eh well.

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

You know, it's too hard to pick my favorites of yours. I think the ones I don't comment on are the best because I just don't have anything but laughter running through my head. I also like the ones where you share some deep and traumatizing part of your past because it humanizes you. I like them all!

It's funny that you mentioned this because I've tried to come up with some of my favorite posts, like ones I'd recommend to get a taste of my brain, but when I read them again, they nauseate me. The errors I didn't correct, the pathetic ploys for laughs, the image I fear I'm creating of some kind of wannabe library martyr, which I'm NOT. Oh wow, I hate reading my blog.

However, I have a few lines I like from certain posts. I like "I shat my turd of justice." And I like that I referred to an over-shaken pop from the vending machine as, "Shaken like a bad nanny." A few other lines make me giggle, but mostly, I don't have a clue why people read my blog.

Hope this helps.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

I just realized both of my favorites- yours and mine- had to do directly with asses. Freud would be proud. :)

LaLa Lisa said...

Yeah, this reading through your archives not such a good idea. Where the hell is my natural witty sarcasm hiding at? Haha! If I had to pick any, I'd have to say the ones from August 2004. There's only like four in there. It was kind of nice because I had only been blogging for a month and not a lot of friends new about it yet, so there wasn't an expectation for daily posts. Now there's just too much pressure...stop the madness! :) Hehe.

Zube Girl said...

Librarian- Thanks! See, you crack me up on a regular basis, particularly because I think that library patrons are just as crazy as hotel guests! Isn't it funny how no one likes reading their own blog? When I reread it, it sounds so contrived, you know? Eh well.

Bonanza- So proud!

Lala Lisa- Heh. I feel ya, girl!

junebee said...

I guess it would have to be the one where the cat fell off the computer onto the keyboard. It's the first thing I ever read on your blog. Also, the letters to the pets are always hilarious.

I guess my favorite of mine is dated 05/18/05 called "The Agnostic Republican". I tried to express something I've had on my mind for a long time. I also ran into another agnostic Republican out there in Bloggeritaville* so it was nice to know I'm not the only one.

*Term courtesy of Groovy Vic of My Stuff and Stuff.

txsm said...

I'd have to say one of my fave's of yours, and there is so many, but the one that always makes me chuckle is, "A Scary Hairy Thingy", still LMAO! As for my own fave, well, it has to be "What I married into..", yeah, I'm still giving him a hard time about that!!!!

Zube Girl said...

Junebee- Thanks! I'm glad to see you again! I loved the one when Zander fell on the keyboard, too. Hee. I'll have to go and check yours.

TXSM- Heh, I loved your what I married into! And scary hairy thingy was pretty funny. I'll have to reread that one.


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