Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Letter Writing Campaign

Dear God/dess,

It's not you, it's me. I just need a little time away from you to think about shit, okay? I'm sure I'll be back soon all comfy-cozy believing again that you have some sort of master plan for me.

In the meantime, feel free to give me some kind of fucking break. A windfall of money might be nice. I promise to donate anything above and beyond what we really need to charity.


Zube Girl


Dear People Who Say, "God/Life Doesn't Give You More Than You Can Handle,"

Shut up. Yes God/Life does. It's just that you have no choice but to handle it; unless of course you roll over and die instead of handling it. And, I've come too far for that shit.

So enough with belittling my trials and tribulations. I'd rather be proud of handling more than my fair share of fuck-all bullshit than to say it could be worse. Mmmmkay?


Zube Girl


Dear Zinnia,

Thank you for chasing your tail and making me giggle despite that fact that I am having yet another miscarriage.


Zube Girl


Dear Uterus,

Hon, I know you know what you're doing and I'm trying to keep that in mind. Supposedly everything is fine down there, so I'll just assume you were doing your job.

I guess I'd simply like to request that you ease up on the cramps. Is that possible?


Zube Girl


Dear Mom,

I know that you are still sleeping right now, and probably dreaming about your future grandchild that you have just been dying for forever. I hope you sleep well and that your dreams are wonderful, because in a few hours I'm going to call you and blow them out of the water.

I love you, and I'm sorry I'm going to have to make you cry. Again.


Zube Girl


Dear Blog Readers,

You guys are more than just my blog readers. You're my friends. Even those of you who read me everyday, and don't comment. Seriously, I am always shocked and more than a little honored that people read me daily, and I don't even know who some of them are.

Anyway, as my friends, would you mind giving me hugs? Because I fucking need them right now.

Thank you.


Zube Girl

35 Leg Humps:

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

Oh no! ((HUGS)) I'm so sorry! ((HUGS)) I wish I could help, say something, do something to make you feel better. ((HUGS)) If there's something I'm not thinking of, you let me know right away. ((HUGS)) Is there someone's ass I can kick that will make you smile? ((HUGS)) Someone who I can do voodoo for? ((HUGS)) You just let me know! ((HUGS))

((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))

Storm said...

Oh, jeez, zube, I'm so sorry.
I'm praying for you.
You're right, there are some things that we just shouldn't have to go through.
If only I could take the pain away, I would.

Phil said...

I shit you not, I'm crying after reading that. I am sooooo sorry, Zube. Sending a big {{HUG}} your way, and better yet one from Duncan as well.


Zube said...

Thank you all for the hugs.

Librarian- Thank you for offering up your voodoo services. As soon as I get the word of who to blame for this, I'll be sure to let you know. I've got my best people on it.

Storm- Thanks for the prayers. Maybe I should look into purchasing some of those beads from you. :-)

Phil- Doggy hugs are the best. Tell Duncan that Zack appreciates him sending a hug because he needed a break from me nearly suffocating him.

Chris & Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry Zube Girl, life just sucks sometimes.


Amy said...

Oh Zube! I am so freaking sorry. I wish there was something I could do to make it all better.

If it makes you feel any better I completely support and back you should you decide to kick the next person who gives you the bullshit about "God never gives you more than you can handle" "Everything happens for a reason" square in the nuts... even if they don't have any.

And, if they don't have any... that's more than enough reason to kick them anyway.

Chickie said...

Double Rats!

I'm so sorry Zube Girl! Hugs and more hugs to you.

Zinnia: Keep up the good work.

LaLa Lisa said...

Ahh Zube, this just blows. And I'm mad and hurt for you that you're having to go through this yet again. I'll keep you, Mr.Zube and your families in my thoughts and prayers.

I wish we could all do more for you. ***HUGS***

Baden Pup sends you sloppy wet kisses and Tigger Kitty sends furry head nudges and love bites.

Alaskan_Chilli said...

I don't know what to say so this will have to do:

Zube said...

Anduin- Indeed it does, eh?

Amy- Thank you for giving me permission to do that. It couldn't be more appreciated.

Chickie- Animals are so good that way, aren't they?

Lala Lisa- Thank you for the additional four-legged love. And for being mad for me. It takes too much energy to do it all by myself.

University Girl- Hugs are all I asked for. Thanks for them.

Me said...

Zube Girl I am so sorry. I don't have the words {{{Hugs}}} to you and Zube Boy.

greatwhitebear said...

First time reader (jeez do I have bad timing, or what?), but you certainly have a big hug from me. And a manly hug for Zube boy too!

junebee said...

Ok, sorry this took so long, but I just spent 5 minutes looking for the {} keys on the IBM Thinkpad. {{Hugs}} from FL and from my kittens too.

Sorry to hear that, I am really hoping for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry.

Crazy Lady said...

(((HUGS))) You want 'em, you got 'em! I might not be good for much some days, but I am always good for hugs.

Anonymous said...

I personally know what you are going through, although with mine, it was somewhat a blessing, but not your case. The feelings are the same either way, a loss. My tears are flowing for you and Zube boy, and the loss.....I am sending you all the hugs possible, including all those in reserve. I love you Zube Girl...stay strong, I'm here for you.....anytime!!!!

Anonymous said...


Zube said...

Latin Lover- Thank you so much for the hugs and such. :-)

Greatwhitebear- Well, thanks for stopping by, and offering up well wishes.

Junebee- Thank you for hoping for me. :-)

Bekah- Thank you.

CrazyLady- Thank you, too.

TXSM- The hugs and love are felt on this end. :-)

Zube said...

Tomlawyer- Thanks for the hugs from you, too. :-)

Baba said...

I'm one of your anonymous readers ;) All the way from Thailand. Anyway, wanted to send you a hug from the land of smiles. Hope things start looking brighter soon.

t~ said...

well, sorry i'm late... *deep sigh* sending you one of those super tight sqeezie hugs that after a few seconds you start to think "ok, let go now... i'm squished and i can't breathe"

Zube said...

Baba- Hey, thanks for delurking! :-) And hugs from Thailand are *always* appreciated.

T~ Thanks for the super-tight hugs. Those are the best. *gasp* :-)

Anonymous said...

Good girl, Zinnia- Keep it up. Even though I HATE when my animals or daughter make me laugh when I just want to lay around and feel like shit. They don't seem to care, and later on I'm always grateful later.

And please know I'm sending you every hug I can imagine. I hate that I'm commenting so late after being gone. Take care of yourself and more hugs.

Rick said...


and you're right - God does send us more than we can handle, but not more than He can handle. whatever that might mean. i'm hoping the hugs bring you a little extra oomph today :)

Anonymous said...

On behalf of the anonymous masses that know a cuppa in the AM just aint the same if u aint readin Zube at the same time... {{GIANT BEAR HUG}}

Hang in there, you make so many ppl lives more bearable...

Zube said...

Bonanza- At first, I was like zinnia-go-away! But, then I started giggling. I couldn't help it. What IS it with animals chasing their tails? I don't get it.

Rick- Thank you. Sincerely. And what you say, whatever it means, makes sense to me. :-)

Anonymous- Wow. Thank you. I don't know if you realize just how complimented I feel right now. :-)

Julie Marsh said...

ZG, I'm so sorry. I'm especially sorry that I'm so late to this, that I wasn't here to give hugs right away. It's so unfair, and I'm so terribly sorry.

Zube said...

Hey, thanks Mother Goosemouse. I figured Saturdays are always slower blog days, so I knew some folks probably wouldn't come around until today. It is unfair and it does suck. Thanks for agreeing with me on that. :-)

Al said...

shit, I'm really sorry to hear that.

Big HUGS and whatever else I can give you!

Hunter said...

Holding you in my heart and in my thoughts. Hug.

Zube said...

Al- Thanks for the hugs. :-)

Tropical Screamer- Thanks. :-)

PaintingChef said...

I'm so sorry sweetheart. There are no words, just know that I understand and I'm here if you need me.

j. said...

hang in there zube! i am sending humongous internet hugs your way. shit sucks sometimes. feel better! :)

Kjersten said...

I am so very sorry. You should not have had to go through this twice. Please don't give up. I'll pray my little petition to God to ease up on you.

Zube said...

PaintingChef- Thank you. As always, I'm there for you, too.

J2- Hey, I appreciate your hugs.

Kjersten- Thank you for putting in the good word. :-)


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