Friday, December 09, 2005


Why can't he just take a normal, nice picture of me?

In fact, Zube Boy just asked, "What picture is that you're posting? I bet it's ugly?"

It's time for Zube Girl to kick some ass...

He cowers, as well he should...


Aww. I blew my nose for like an hour after I saw this one. I swear nothing came out. That boogie must still be in there.

Z-Boy: Honey, you can kiss my whole asshole.

Z-Girl: That's an all day job, but I'm dedicated.

This photo op was brought to you by my excitement over my new Jersey Devil's shirt. I have been SO excited all week to go to the bar and cheer on my Devil's wearing my Christmas present from Bro. Even better, I'll be in a bar amongst a bunch of AVs fans.

Not that you care or anything. Later.

13 Leg Humps:

junebee said...

Ooh, I always feel so special when I'm the first one to comment on a Zubepost.

Hey, that's a pretty good fighting stance there and a powerful side kick as well. Guess there was no pictures allowed when you fell on your ass!

I saw a great martial arts shirt one time, it said "Talk To The Foot".

Anonymous said...

You can have your Devils as long as they're not playing my Caps.

(OK, I realize that the Capitals would probably not win in that matchup... but I can dream, right?)

Chris & Cheryl said...

Girl, you have tiny feet.

These pics are cool as we get to see the Zubes' in their natural environment.

Julie Marsh said...

Dude, what ARE you doing to the dog? Wait, I don't want to know. I want to be able to hug you without thinking of where your dog might have been.

And I am so cracking up about your BIN (that is Booger In Nose).

Courtney said...

Noooo Devils. Goooo Canucks. :)

I LOVE hockey.

Unknown said...

Gotta love sports fans

Phil said...

My God, you have tiny feet! I'm thinking that may not be a booger, but just a misplaced shoe.

And the Devils . . . they're, like, a LaCrosse team, right?


Amy said...

Seriously, do you guys ALWAYS look like you are having fun or do you only share these rare moments with us? ;o)

Zube said...

Junebee- You're #1! Hee. I would LOVE to have that t-shirt!

Nancy- I'll give you that much. ;-)

Anduin- Hee. I figure I have tiny feet because my fucking hands are HUGE. Honestly, I'd take big feet any day over man hands. Heh.

Mother Goosemouse- I was trying to get his to sit down so we could take a nice picture. When Zube Boy finally took the nice picture, it was ALL. BLACK. I think my camera is allergic to me when I'm looking sweet.

Courtney- ME, TOO! Love.

Barbara- Heh. Yup. Though, hockey is the ONLY sport I care about. I can't get into the others.

Phil- Hahahahaha! A misplaced shoe. You're too funny.

Amy- We're pretty much like this 90% of the time. It used to drive our roommate nuts. He was like, "Dude, do you guys ever stop? You are fucked up." But, he said it in that laughy, admiring kind of way. Heh.

justdawn said...

Love the Zube family snapshots:)

Spider Walk said...

OMG make me laugh sooooo hard!!

Thanks for the giggles and side splits---and it's only 6 am.
It's gonna be a good day...I can just tell :)

Zube said...

Justdawn- Thanks!

SpiderWalk- Glad I could make ya smile. :-)

Ginamonster said...

Dude! your boogers reflect the light! it was like a beacon! Now I'm going to worry about boogers in my nose all day.


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