Monday, December 12, 2005

Meet My Guardian Angel

Because I needed a concrete reminder of her existence. Sometimes life is too hard to keep up the facade that you're invincible. All by yourself, anyway. She's five years old now. She's been around longer than that, but I've only believed in her for five years. And the tattoo needs to be retouched. Which is cool because that means even guardian angels age. Heh.

What does your guardian angel look like?

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lysie6211 said...

I had a pyschic once tell me my great grandma was mine. it was really super cool because this lady knew some shit about my grandma that NO ONE would know except my family. It was really really freaky. But it explains why I always dream about her or dreams happen at her house all the time. I love that she's mine. She was a kick ass lady! (and a redhead!)

Alaskan_Chilli said...

I currently have a 'guardian angel wanted' sign up..mine has done a vanishing act..

Zube Girl said...

Lysie- That IS cool! See, I think mine is my grandmother, which would explain why I didn't feel like I had one for the first twenty years of my life, 'cause she was alive. And then, for a few years after that, I was to sad to believe in guardian angels.

University Girl- I LOVE that sign. I'd like to get a bumper sticker like that. Heh.

Phil said...

I only have a part-time gaurdian angel. Any time I'm driving a car, she takes a break, because it's too much work for her to keep up.

Cool tat, BTW.


junebee said...

My guardian angel has four paws, whiskers, triangle ears on a triangle head - you get the picture.

When I lived in my old house my neighbor had tats of dog paw prints going up her back. You would have appreciated that.

Nice tat, BTW. Any more we should know of?

Bonanza Jellybean said...

What a beautiful tattoo!! I have one of my horse in the same place.

My guardian angel is my grandmother also. I actually heard her voice once in a car accident I was in where the car left the road doing about 100 and flipped 5 times- she told me to just hang on and that it would be alright, and it was.

RockyJay said...

You're lucky to have a fairy as a guardian angel. Mine is... actually, not gonna say what is it. You'll figure it out.

Storm said...

I don't have just one, but one of my major protectors is a dragon who tells me her name is Magic, but I suspect that its actually something I can't pronounce.

Rich | Championable said...

hey, now we're like siblings-of-the-tattoo-blog-picture... or something. maybe I'll shoot my other arm (the one where I have the family-tattoos, vs. the religious one in my pic) and post that on my own blog later.

Rock on, sister.

Barbara said...

I don't know if I have one. I've never met him/her. I like to think proper planning keeps most troubles away. The other stuff, like accidents, I don't know. Maybe my Dad can take on the job now that he's passed on.

Chickie said...

That is a most lovely tattoo!

I haven't figured my guardian angel out yet

Zube Girl said...

Phil- Heh. I have a little devil on my shoulder when I'm driving.

Junebee- This is actually one of three. I'd like more, but Zube Boy is not a big fan of ink, so I'm kind of reticent to get more.

Bonanza- Wow. That kind of gave me chills. Shout out for Grandmothers! :-)

RockyJay- I'd LOVE to know who your guardian angel is! Heh.

Sotrm- I read a book a LONG time ago about finding your animal protector. I was kind of cloudy in the head back then, so I never found mine. I'd like to pick up a book about that now, though.

Rich- When I have kids I am DEFINITELY getting some kind of tattoo representing them, whether Zube Boy likes it or not.

Barbara- I say your Dad can surely take on the role. :-)

Chickie- Thanks! I figured, you've show yours so I can show mine!

Amy said...

That is such a great tat! But, seriously... how bad did it hurt to get it there?

Chickie said...

Just so ya know, I've shown my boobies a couple of times too. *cough* *cough*

Black Eyed Gurl said...

She's gorgeous!!! I wish I had a guardian angel, I just have a useless butterfly and a flower deco thing. Still, she's looking good for 5 years!!


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