Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cute Archives and the Hour of Truth

Sometimes I feel bad for my archives. I'll be reading something I wrote in August or July, and I'll get all sad for it, because it's maybe pretty funny and kind of cute. I'll gingerly stroke my computer moniter and coo, "You are such a cute little post...Too bad you're buried in my archives..." And since I'm remiss to repost shit I wrote back when maybe three people were reading, it'll stay back there. With some of the other shit I couldn't be HAPPIER is buried deep in the recesses of my archives. Gah!

Anyway, I'm sort of on the edge of my seat because the Thunderdome verdict should be up any day now. I'd like to say that no matter the outcome, Nyte has been nothing but a gracious opponent. Even though we've probably had the LAMEST and most BORING drama-free battle in Thunderdome history. But fuck it. She's nice. I dig her. I'll apologize because I know I love me some fucking drama over there, and we didn't deliver. Meh. Whatever.

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Samantha said...

That's why I made a list on my sidebar of the posts I really like from my archives. Some people don't like lists like that, but I found it comforting that those good/deep posts didn't get lost. And just to make you feel better/creeped out, when I found you here I totally read all of your archives.

malfouka said...

re: Thunderdome
I wanted to see blood, dammit! It is/was a freakin' tea-party over there...

Zube Girl said...

Samantha- I do the same thing with the 'My Favorites'.

Malfouka- It's like, we could have at least threw some sugar cubes at each other or something. Dang. Even if I win, I'm still going to feel like a loser.

gigotti said...

I dont read my archives. I leave those pathetic posts right where they are. I dont go back and read them cuz then I realize how pathetic my writing was/is. But keep up the good work and FYI I nominated you for a Bloggies Award, good luck :)

Phil said...

Oh, do not feel like a loser. You are a winner, even if you lose. Why? Because you are on my blogroll, and I read you every day. Anyone graced with the honor of my attention, not to mention frequent comments, is definitely not a loser. Plus, if you feel like a loser even if you win, you might feel compelled to go into a self-imposed 2 month ban, which would really suck for the rest of us.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

junebee said...

Your letters to errant pets are my favorites. Or on the other hand, letters from pets to errant pet parents, like when you got that water bowl on a stand for Zack.

Yeah, I was wondering if I could delete the archives on my old stuff. I mean, how long is Blogger going to keep it on file? Forever?

Lisa said...

I had no idea you were doing Thunderdome! I just went over there to see if there was a winner yet, and I must say its one of the more "polite" battles I've ever seen! Good luck!

Storm said...


Well, if you DO lose (I suspect you won't, and hope you won't, but there's always the possiblility), Your newer readers can entertain themselves by going through your archives, right?

Of course, those of us who have been around for a long time are just S.O.L..... Damn it.

RockyJay said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with the Zube girl, or her (un)worthy opponent. It just that Thunderdome sucks ass.

Since people didn't quit blogging, they lost all of authority they had - if they ever had any.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Screw the Thunderdome thing. If other people didn't stop, you better not, no matter what they say.


Amy said...

Eh, Thunderdome, shmunderdome... the verdict is in and their critiques were long-winded and boring. Plus, I didn't agree with 99% of the stuff they said about you.

Personally, I think that looking for "Hemingway" caliber writing in people's personal journals is just wrong, if not completely stupid. Especially when it's not as if you paid the price of a book to read the damn things anyway.

Not that your writing isn't awesome Zube... you know I'm here everyday! :o)

Storm said...

Ha! Who the fuck likes Dostoevsky anyway?? I mean, really!

Congrats on the win, though. And please, don't put a "bummer" section in, because that would be just wrong.

Jen said...

Yay! You won, and rightfully so. Congrats.

Nicky said...

Congrats. please, don't change a thing. your blog is ass awesome just as it is!

Rich | Championable said...

Maybe if you, uh, look at each post as having a finite level of distributable enjoyment, then those early posts are actually BETTER because, well... because they made fewer people VERY happy instead of a lot of people a LITTLE happy.

Or maybe I need to smoke more crack. Jury's out.

Phil said...

Congrats on the win at Thunderdome, Zube. Well deserved. But you know what it means, right? Since the loser is banned from blogging for 2 months, it means (by converse & inference & other such notions) that the winner is obligated to blog non-stop during that same 2 month period. Really, that only makes sense, right?

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Alaskan_Chilli said...

Yey you won :) Go Zube!

madbull said...

congrats zube

Zube Girl said...

gigotti- Hey, thanks for the nomination. :-) And I have to gear up to read my archives because some of my old stuff makes me cringe. Eh.

Phil- I am so RELIEVED to know that I am a winner. ;-)

Junebee- I don't know? I was kind of wondering if I should start worrying about losing old stuff. Hmmm.

Lisa- It was pretty polite, wasn't it?

Storm- Then my cute little archives would've got read, eh? I'll never know now!

RockyJay- Yeah, I think a bigger deal should be made when folks don't adhere to the ban. I remember the second guy kept blogging, and was so bombarded and lambasted that he ended up deleting his whole blog for a while. That's the spirit of the thing.

Bonanza- Fortunately, I won't have to.

Amy- Thank you! :-) And I'm glad you do visit.

Storm- I'm an ass. I don't even know who Dostoevsky is. There goes my literary genius street cred right down the drain.

Jen- Thanks!

Nicky- Oh, I won't change anything. Don't worry. :-)

Rich- Maybe we all need to smoke more crack. :-) Hmmm, on second thought,

Phil- Uh oh! I've already be BAD about that!

University Girl- Yay! Thanks chica!

madbull- Thank you. :-)


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