Saturday, January 14, 2006


I'm tired. I'm tired, I'm tired, and I'm tired.

I know the Thunderdome verdict is up, and I won, and they sure as HELL didn't go easy on me. But honestly? I laughed while I read it. And that's the whole point of the thing. I'm actually a bit relieved that Malfouka, Dave, and Adam delivered some humor where Nyte and I failed. Not ONE iota of the verdict surprised me. Well, I was a bit surprised to have won. EVERY other blog that received the most popular votes lost. I had no reason to believe my blog would be any different. I actually nodded in agreement with much of what was said about my blog because it was TRUE. And...the way I look at it, if I'm going to spend a good portion of my time laughing at other people, I damn well better be capable of laughing at myself. And I am.

I knew, knew, they'd rag on my '100 Things.' If I cared, I never would have signed up. I'll only say that at least it's not Meme Central here. I think I might've MAYBE answered five memes in the 10 months I've been blogging and passed the tag along, like, once. Huh. Maybe twice. I can't remember.

Actually, almost sadly, I wasn't even tagged for the '100 Things.' I did it myself way back in the beginning because, believe it or not, I enjoyed reading the '100 Things' of other people. It's just interesting to know what folks highlight when they only have a limit of 100. Also, it was cathartic for me. And, if anyone reads it, I think it's a bit of a warning. Maybe instead of '100 Things' I should call it '100 Clues as to the Shit You Will Find Ruminated About at This Here Blog.' Seems a little more honest.

All of that aside, I'm hiding. I'm having what I like to call a 'Whatever Day.' Whatever if I'm five days late and four tests later, there's no fucking reason for it. And Whatever if it seems like everyone I know is pregnant or nursing. And Whatever if I'm never going to be a Mom because my reproductive system is a punk ass bitch. And Whatever if I have tears streaming down my face because I'm tough and fuck those tears and it'll happen and...Whatever if it's 1PM on a bright, sunny Saturday and I'm in my flannel PJs playing Sims 2. Such a great word. Whatever. And all I have to do is 'Woo-Hoo' a couple of times on Sims 2 and BAM. Baby. Much easier.

Sometimes, at 1PM on a Saturday when your husband is at work and not around to make you laugh, there is no better view than this:

Really, I'm not a Fashion Queen. I just wear slippers that say so while I'm Playing video games.

20 Leg Humps:

Anduin said...

Congratulations! You won. I knew you would. I mean how could you not? You've got a great blog here and it is something I look forward to reading every day.

I'm no fashion queen either. My pj's have frogs on them that says toadily cool. I don't know who can lay around the house in a negligee and be comfy. Phooey on that.

Sorry about the whatevers. I hope it happens for you soon.

Marti said...

Congratulations on winning!

Heres five things (not a meme not a meme LOL) to make you smile:

Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this B.S. before.

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn't find any.

I went to a seafood disco rave last week.... and pulled a mussel.

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

What do you call a fish with no eyes? ... A fsh


Crazy Lady said...

Congratz on winning! That rocks. I really need a whatever day too - but no. Instead I have been letting realtors into my house all day long. I REALLY need to get a key box, so I don't have to be here for this. Suppose the house would show well if I showed up at the door in my jammies and fuzzy socks?

Jen said...

O love lazing around the house on the weekends. I have been actually busy today and had to get dressed an all, so I envy you. And I don't want a baby right now, so I will send all of my share of luck to you for that. Hope it helps.

Barbara said...

Zube Girl - I hope you find the answer to your dreams.

Storm said...

Certainly is a whatever day. Sorry 'bout that. Can't wait 'till the boy comes home to cheer you up!

On the 100 things thing, I like reading them too. But maybe we're just odd that way.

Minerva said...

I lurrrve the slippers..almost as cool as my eeyore ones *grin*

And lying around in pjs and slippers is FAB...


Rich | Championable said...

I got "tagged" the other day and I didn't know what it meant. For a technically savvy dude, I can be a little dense. I feel kind of bad, but I'm not going to do it... I'm just not a meme kind of guy.

Give me some writer's block, though, and we'll see.

Rock on.

Chickie said...

I always knew you were a winner :)

It looks to be a very comfy spot on the couch there!

Lisa said...

heh heh... i have those same slippers.

(And don't tell anyone, but I'm a 100 Things junkie. I can't get enough of other people's, and I have one of my own.... SHhhhhh)

junebee said...

Congratulations on winning the Blogdome or whatever it was. And you deserve a day to lie around and play "Sims 2".

Enjoy the rest of your day. Heck, have a beer. You deserve it.

Happy Villain said...

Zube Girl, dear, you're entitled to have not only a whatever day, but you go ahead and take a whatever week! I know people who live whatever lives and they don't apologize or feel guilty. You do whatever as long as you want.

Congrats on the win! Honestly... I was scared you'd lose. What would I read? I'd have to go back to reading those things, those things I peddle at work, with the bindings and the pages... I can't remember... what are those called? BOOKS! Oh, and they're never as much fun as your blog. So, I'm glad you won. (I'm selfish like that.) :)

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Ok, wait. I don't go to that site because i hate it. It's fucked when the popular vote blog never friggin' wins...waz up with that shit?

Anyway, what's wrong with your blog? What did they say?

I did the 100 things on my own and I do memes from time to time when I feel like it. I can't be witty, intelligent and a laff riot ALL the time, sheesh.

I see one thing wrong with your blog. It's content box is too small and it's all shoved to the left...maybe if it was centered (?) but I run at a very high res so pfffttt to me for being a rebel with a kick ass monitor.

Other than that, I love your blog and I'll bitch slap anyone who picks on it. Gotcher back girlfriend.

Phil said...

I never got tagged for my "100 things". Didn't even realize people got tagged for that. Just did it on my own, some 10 months after I started blogging.

But, um, what is that written on the door? Looks like ZID. Is that Zube-speak for "door", or "crapper", or what?

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Zube Girl said...

Anduin- I was going to get those pajamas for my sister for Christmas! Hee. I think I ended up getting her some that said Christmas or something.

Marti- Thanks for the chuckles. Heh. I like the dyslexic man one.

CrazyLady- I can only speak for myself, but I would NOT mind one bit if you answered the door in your fuzzy socks.

Jen- I actually had to work for a few hours in the morning. I just came home at 11am and put on PJ's. And thank you for the baby luck. :-) It is much appreciated.

Barbara- So do I. Thank you. :-)

Storm- Maybe we are weird. Wait. Did I just say maybe??? :-P

Minerva- I LOVE Eeyore! Hmmm...I also need new slippers...

Rich- Yeah, a lot of the time I feel confined by memes, but some of them are cute, and sometimes I just don't have it in me to be original.

Chickie- It was OH so comfy. About five minutes after this picture was taken, it seemed that all three cats agreed with me.

Lisa- Your secret is safe with me!

Junebee- I had a beer. Some guys were checking out of the ski lodge, and offered me one while they were leaving. It was perfect.

Happy Villain- You know, there are people that lead Whatever lives, aren't there. I'm glad I'm not one of those people.

Miss Ann Thrope- See, I didn't know that??? Maybe that's what Dave was talking about, because he mentioned how my content box (*snork* that sounds kind of sick if you're, well, me and you have a dirty mind). You rebels with your kick ass moniters!!! Thank you. :-)

Phil- HA! Actually, believe it or not, we had a roommate named Zig here at the Zube Household. He fit in very well, with the 'Z' and all. And it was his REAL name. How cool is that? Anyway, I was painting, and decided to label his room with the roller. The G was hard to make, hence it looking like a D. Anyway, there was also a 'Ladies Room' sign above 'Zig' that I bought at Office Max. I think he brought it with him when he moved. Heh. Zig. That guy is a fucking riot.

Zube Girl said...

Oh yeah, to add to my response to Phil right up there, that's the kind of cool shit you get to do when you are eventually going to tear everything down anyway. Hee.

Gary said...

Zube, I knew you would win. Maybe you need to put it in your 100 things about me list.

Zube Girl said...

Gary- Heh. I dig your sense of humah!

Risiblegirl said...

First, congratulations.

Second, I don't see one single "meh" in your post.

When I'm feeling like that, there are several "mehs". Meh is a great word to describe such days (IMHO).


Zube Girl said...

RisibleGirl- Meh is on of my most favorite words. And it's kind of how I've been feeling lately. :-)


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