Thursday, January 19, 2006

No Soup for Me Today...

Zube Boy has off today and I'm at work. Punk.

I called him around 10AM, and guess what? He didn't fucking answer.

He finally called me back a couple of hours later.


Z-Girl: Hello?

Z-Boy: Hi honey.

Z-Girl: Oh, hi.

Z-Boy: Sorry I missed your call.

Z-Girl: Yeah, yeah. Are you calling me back to ask me what I'd like you to bring me for lunch?

Z-Boy: No.

Z-Girl: You mean, you're not bringing me lunch?

Z-Boy: No.

Z-Girl: That is SO RUDE! I always bring you lunch when it's my day off and you're at work.

Z-Boy: Well honey, that's because you are always out and about on your days off. You don't just lounge around the house in your speedo all day.

Z-Girl: Heh.

15 Leg Humps:

Kylei said...

I fully sugest you get him back by making the ickiest dinner you can

Nicky said...

Hell, I'd tell him if he wants dinner, there is the kitchen! He should cook anyway since you were slaving away at work all day!

Lisa said...

boys are so dumb.

lysie6211 said...

Screw that if he wants dinner then he needs to make it the speedo!

Phil said...

Obviously he hasn't been reading your blog to learn what you actually do all day. Granted, you've never mentioned lounging around in your speedo, but laying on the couch in your slippers playing video games is close enough, right?

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

P.S. And I so agree with the others (even though I'm a male chauvanist pig) . . . he totally should have to make dinner for himself. And, of course, some for you too while he's at it.

junebee said...

Isn't it a little cold to be lounging around in Speedos? I mean, it IS Colorado and it IS winter. Hate to think what he lounges around in in the summer.

Chickie said...

Hmmm. I'd have never figured Zube Boy for a banana hammock wearer.

Happy Villain said...

Spedo?! Do you think he throws on a shirt and does the Risky Business scene all over the house?

I'd tell him he's welcome to show up at your work in the spedo (for his comfort) and still bring you lunch. Although he might expect the same from you. Not in his spedo, of course. Or maybe he's into that. Hmmmm.

Happy Villain said...

BTW, I mucked up my latest post on my blog, which was all your fault and I gave you full credit for the really bad typo.

And to think, I focus on the "organism" vs. "orgasm" typos and totally overlook the "public" vs. "pubic" one. Silly me.

banquo said...

Spedo, hmph!

kyknoord said...

Speedo? That's overdressed for about-the-house lounging, if you ask me.

Chickie said...

I just re-read the post and now I'm picturing Zube Boy as the Soup Nazi offa Seinfield.

rockyjay said...

Speedos sure are comfortable...

Vic said...

My hubby's off today too. Only he's called me four times. He's "lonely." I personally gave him permission to go surf porn. Hey, I love him, but he's cutting into my blog time (ok, and work too).

Zube Girl said...

Kylei- He might say that ANY night I make dinner, it's icky. Heh.

Lisa- Tee hee. So short, and to the point.

Nicky- Actually, he ordered pizza. Which still got me off the hook.

Lysie- You know, that would be intersting because oddly enough, I have never bore witness to this mysterious speedo he supposedly owns!

Chickie- He only wears it while he's alone apparently.

Happy Villain- I bet he does that Risky Business thing. I can't blame him really because I pretend I'm a Queen when I'm home alone!

And HAHAHAHAHA! I love typos like that! Thanks for the link, too. :-)

Banquo- He's kidding. SO kidding! At least he better be! ;-)

Kyknoord- Me, too! Hee.

Chickie- Wow. Now I'm picturing the soup nazi in a speedo!

RockyJay- I bet they are. :-)

Vic- Okay, you're awesome! I would so do the porn thing, too. Ha!


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