Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh What a Wicked Cracka We Weave

Last night...

Z-Boy: Whachya eatin’ honey?

Z-Girl: Cheese and crackers.

Z-Boy: Hm. And, what kind of crackers are they?

Z-Girl: Triscuits.

Z-Boy: Triscuits. Interesting.

Z-Girl: *realizing where this is going*

Z-Boy: So, I’m kind of surprised to see that you’re eating Triscuits and not Woven Wheats.

Z-Girl: Heh.

Z-Boy: Interesting, indeed.

Z-Girl: Honey?

Z-Boy: What?

Z-Girl: YOU! Are ridiculous. *I* get name brand crackers because *I* went shopping.

Z-Boy: Yep. I see how it is. Husbands get generic cereal and wives get name-brand crackers.

Z-Girl: That's right, punk.

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Phil said...

Oh come on! He's comparing cereal to Triscuits!?!? Cereal is supposed to be generic (except for Froot Loops & various Cap'n Crunch--can't compromise on those). But Triscuits are, like, gourmet. And you can't skimp on gourmet. Just can't do it. That'd be like putting generic whiskey in your holiday cake.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

junebee said...

Oh, you are AWFUL!

Vic said...

That is so funny! My hubby not only insists on name brand cereal, but he wants the 1/3 less sugar Frosted Flakes! Whatever! I figure why eat cereal if you can't have all the sugar.

Crazy Lady said...

The rule in our house is - unless you did the shopping, you cannot bitch about what was purchased. That goes for everything from tooth paste to crackers to underwear. So tell him if he wants his Cookie Crisp, he can just stop and get some on his way home. Unless the whole brand name - generic thing is just so he can raz you about it. Then Zube, your just out of luck.

Happy Villain said...

My man prefers the generic. He eats only from Aldi and the dollar store (never restaurants unless I take him) and he knows where to get cans of things I didn't even know they canned, like meat and potatoes. He always tells me, when he eats with me, that I know how to live. Is it so wrong to want fresh fruit, and meat that was killed within the last year?

Boys: they just never know when the generic (cheap) stuff is okay and when it isn't.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

I'm with Crazy lady... when they haul their ass to the store and manage to get enough grub to feed the whole family for a week, then they can get what they want too.

Mine bitches because I don't get cookies. Then he bitches when I do because he can't help but eat them all within hours. Hence the "Everyone Who Doesn't Shop Has to Shut the Fuck Up" rule.

Gary said...

You are right as rain. If he wants Special Orders he should go to Burger King. Glad to see you pulled rank on him.

Chickie said...

Amen, being the one who is physically pushing the grocery cart does grant you with privileges!

Debi said...

Woven wheats....yummy...triscut's all yummy

Debi said...

Woven wheats....yummy...triscut's all yummy


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