Monday, March 06, 2006

And She's Off...And Running...Is It April Yet?

DAYUM, I'm busy! Babies born, honey's birthday's had, marital un-bliss, and sweaty, drunk college kids. Don't mind me. I'm just farting around March and neglecting my blog.

Little Alexandria Jade was born and she's 5lbs 13 oz of beautiousness. Love her. And Miss I and The Englishman are just going to ROCK at the Mommy and Daddy thing! I know it. And I am going to be the best fucking Aunt Zube EVER!

Speaking of birthdays, Zube Boy's was yesterday. We went to our favorite bar and ordered our favorite meal (cheesesteaks that are, like, REAL cheesesteaks, but in Colorado...and I'm from Jersey, I know a real cheesesteak when I see one). After cheesesteaks, we went out for ice cream at Coldstone. Zube Boy made fun of me because I wanted the Cocoa Banana Cabana, and was all embarrassed ordering it. I asked him if he would order it for me, but he pulled out his "It's My Birthday So I Don't Have to Order My Wife's Embarrassing Ice Cream Named Dessert" card. You know. Similar to the Get Out of Jail FREE!" card. Yeah. Anyway, we had a ton of fun.

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, Zube Boy and I are having marital negotiations right now. We're kind of fighting. But don't worry, it's funny. Well, at least it's funny if you're not me. After five years of pretty much sleeping on specific sides of the bed, I want to change. But Zube Boy's not digging it. He calls bullshit on my, "But MY side is the GHOSTY side of the bed!" whining. I'm working on him though. Seriously. One night I accidentally fell asleep on his side and I got THE BEST SLEEP EVAH! I didn't even have to wrap my head up all burrito-like in the comforter and I didn't wake up ONCE in the middle of the night worrying about ghosts touching my nose. So, I concluded that my side of the bed is haunted. Logically, since Zube Boy doesn't believe in ghosts, AND he loves me, the conclusion I came to was that he should sleep on my side from now on. I'm not getting very far.

So, it's March. Or rather, it's SPRING BREAK 2006!!! Which means that I am swamped yet again by various church groups and college groups and a commute to and from work that somehow manages to extend from six minutes to twenty. Just know that if you are fond of visiting the Zube, she will be sure to disappoint this month. But, not to worry. She'll be back in April with a vengeance. Work is going to be insane for the next few weeks, and I'm going to be doing my best to keep up with that. Which means I'll likely be doing my worst at keeping up with my blog.

Well, PEACE OUT, homies!

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Anduin said...

Happy birthday Zube Boy!

I know about the bed switching. My husband and I tried it once and I got the worst night sleep ever. Good luck with that.

lysie6211 said...

I've never been married but I've lived with 2 men that were like adamant about their sides of the bed. Good luck!!

Bonanza Jellybean said...

he should at least give it a TRY. Damn- what a baby. I bet he's really scared of the ghosts but doesn't want to admit it- guys are all "MUST REMAIN MACHO" like that. :)

Phil said...

Happy Birthday Zube Boy! Too bad you used your "it's my birthday card" on the ice cream issue rather than the bed. You're screwed, dude. :)

Speaking of the bed, just turn it around while he's at work. You can then use the appropriate argument for sleeping on whichever side you want ("My side is the left side of the mattress" or "My side is the one nearest the closet" or whatever). Problem solved.

And oh, how I wish I could get a real cheesesteak around here. Fell in absolute love with 'em when I visitted Philly a couple years ago. :(

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

PaintingChef said...

Really? Switch sides? Has the world gone mad? What's next...being nice to strangers in the grocery store? Please...

Happy birthday Zube Boy!!

spider said...

I agree with Phil - you'll never get him to switch sides - so just move the bed and stay on the 'side' that you have -LOL there are always ways around these things.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even bother to move the bed...just spin the mattress when he's not at home. He'll never guess, you won't have to endure the "I don't like the rearranged furniture" discussion, and the ghosty side will be all his.

junebee said...

Congratulations to your friends. Hope mom and baby are doing well.

Wow, you got a real Philly cheesesteah in Colorado? I can't even get one in Florida and I think it's closer to Philly than Colorado is. However, they do sell the meat here, sliced and frozen so it is possible to almost recreate the Philly cheesesteak scene in the privacy of one's own home.

Good luck on the bed thing. I wouldn't trade my side of the bed for the world, but I do covet the Citizen's pillow. With him travelling for work I get to use it 4 nights a week anyway.

Ginamonster said...

Sometime in the last couple of years, I switched sides. I sleep alone so technically I should be in the middle or sleeping sideways, but I can't seem to make myself go back to the other side. So I guess I understand your husband on this one. Although, if I did suddenly have someone to sleep with, the shock and happiness might be so great that I would return to the other side if asked.
sigh. that was a lovely daydream.

Chickie said...

Start kicking him in your sleep. Maybe if he's uncomfy enough he'll agree to switch sides.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Doesn't he understand that you are the Queen and should get whatever you desire/demand without any questions or arguing on his side? You'd think that because he loves you and all that he would at least try it for about a week.

But then again, it's like arguing with a child to eat his broccoli. My husband is the same. The alarm is on my side of the bed and I am tired of having to wake him and the boys up every morning, cause if I dont get up and do it we will all oversleep, but he wont hear of swopping either.

Oh and Happy Birthday Zube Boy. As a Pisces, you should be far more compliant than that dude! I should know - I am a pisces too.

nelle said...

Good luck Zube, it sounds like you have one hell of a month ahead of you!

Nicky said...

My hubby's birthday was the 6th. A late Happy birthday to your favorite Zube!

Rich | Championable said...

Dude, happy everything that happened.

I tried to get my wife to switch bed-sides... and failed. It wasn't even a battle.


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