Monday, April 24, 2006


-Hoot is visiting and we've been whooping it up. I kind of forgot to mention her visit to you because I kind of forgot she was coming. Well, okay, I didn't really FORGET. It's just that her arrival sort of snuck up on my ass the way, well, my thongs have been sneaking up on it. Anyway, we're having a blast and I'm beside myself having her here.

-I find out on Wednesday if I have a thyroid problem. And the fucked up thing is that I really hope I do. My Mom has a thyroid problem, which she acquired in her thirties. It would be resolvable with medication AND I would have SUCH a simple explanation for all these miscarriages I've been having. Plus? It might explain why I've gained, like, twenty pounds in the past year. Which would be REALLY, FUCKING NICE.

-This conversation between Zube Boy and I STILL gets him in trouble. Eh, okay, not so much in TROUBLE but it does guilt him into getting me a glass of milk every once in a while when I'm lounging on the couch and can't be bothered to get up and get my own.

-Junebee had asked what I'll major in should I return to school. I'd like to, if possible, stick to somewhere near my original major. Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Only if that makes the whole graduation thing easier. But likely, I'll do something along the lines of education. During one of my student teaching practicums, my cooperating teacher told me I had a natural gift for teaching. A gift that took her some twenty years to acquire. I think it's mean to the world to keep that gift to myself. And I think there are a lot more assholic teachers than gifted ones out there right now.

-I really want another tattoo. I'd like to get ZUBE on the small of my back in kind of open gothic letters so there can be a depiction of the mountains showing through them. Does that make sense? That would be tattoo #4. But, Zube Boy HATES tattoos, so I don't know. I mean, I can do what I want, for sure, but if he doesn't think they're sexy like I do, then, is there a point? I think yes. Sometimes. But others, I'm not so sure.

-I collect lint from the dryer and keep it in a little wastebasket. Sometimes I stare at it and think what an ASTOUNDING amount of lint my hairy family produces.

-Whenever I get coffee at a restaurant, for some reason I leave the spoon in the mug while I'm drinking it. I prop it on my nose so it doesn't fall out. People make fun of me for this. But I do it anyway.

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Happy Villain said...

OMG, I do that with lint too! When I do a lot of laundry, I put it all in a pile and contemplate my lint-production. Am I lintier now than last laundry day? Is the dog contributing to my lint? If I didn't wash and dry my clothes like this, would I be wearing this gigantic dust dinosaur on me somewhere? Then I throw it away because lint definitely should not make me be so introspective! Damn that lint!

angel said...

ooooh- i'm so tempted to get another tattoo! it'll be number four for me too, but i can't decide if i want to have some work done on an existing ink or a completely new one...
and i just found out i have a thyroid problem! i'm 32, i've attempted dieting for a year (ok, i didn't exactly go out of my way) and i'm a newly diagnosed depressee!hopefully the thyroid meds will help with ALL of that!

Miss I said...


Crazy Lady said...

Here is a very cool site for gothic lettering tattos. He does ambigrams and can do any word you want. I am not a tattoo person, but I have been considering getting one, just cause they are so awsome!

Storm said...

I have border line thyroid problems, which mean that they won't give me drugs for it (not that I'd take them anyway, but that's another story). I've gotten my problems under control using naturopathic remedies. If you want, I'll send some info your way.

I think you'd make a great teacher. You know what though? Even if you decide not to teach for whatever reason, I think you still utilize your skills right here on your blog, teaching the masses about rights. Hmmm... why do I feel like such a suck-up now?

Phil said...

Duncan has a thyroid problem, and he doesn't mind one bit. And just think how cool you would be if you had something in common with Duncan!

I'm still debating a first tattoo. I want one, and know generally what I want, but haven't picked out a final design yet. Plus, I'm kind of a big chicken about needles.

How do you prop the spoon on your nose while drinking? Have you ever poked your eye out doing that? Did you really get that scar between your eyes in a horrible coffee drinking accident, but you made up the jeeping incident in order to sound tougher?

Oh, and how long is Hoot there for? Do I have time to drive out there for a visit? Since she came as far as Colorado, why doesn't she head just a little farther for a little Cali visit? ;)

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

junebee said...

Isn't it "Auditorially Challenged" nowadays?! Do you know ASL? I used to know the alphabet because in 9th grade, English class was so boring, I taught myself the alphabet, which was actually in our English book. But I've forgotten it now.

Nanny G. got diagnosed with thyroid problems toward the end of her tenure with us.

I leave the swizzle stick in mixed drinks. Sometimes it pokes me in the nose.

junebee said...

Oh yeah, have fun with Hoot. Don't worry about us. We'll be fine.

Gary said...

Maybe when you get enough lint you can cover it with cloth and make something with it. Like a pin cushion. Or a rag doll.

kyknoord said...

Just make sure you don't sneeze when you're drinking out of a mug or you'll give yourself a DIY lobotomy.

mothergoosemouse said...

An explanation - any explanation, but preferably one that has a course of action for resolution - would be wonderful. I hope you get it, because you've been through the wringer.

Dude, you should get a Dyson. That's an even more satisfying way to quantify the furriness.

I hope you and Hoot are having a blast. Did you get snow yesterday/last night too?

justdawn said...

I want another tattoo, too...but I can't get anymore until That Guy I Married catches up with me. (I have 5, he has might be a while!) heh

As for the lint...I have some serious OCD tendencies, but obsessing over my own dryer lint isn't one of them. WOuld you like m to mail you a sample of mine, just for comparison???

Lisa said...

I do the thing with the spoon in the coffee mug too. THanks for sharing. I honestly feel less weird now. :-)

Rich | Championable said...

Ah, spouses and tattoos.

I'd like another one, too. On my forearm. My beloved is totally and completely against it.

I have a six-month rule: I have to really want the same design for six months before I get. That has haved me a LOT of heartache and laser surgery.

BTW, you might want to turn on word verification to prevent comment spam.

Rock on.

Exquisite Chick said...

I nearly always leave the spoon in coffee, stems from when I used to drink this cheap hot chocolate stuff, the kind that needs continuous stirring to make it drinkable!

Now I'm more of a coffee drinker I could probabaly leave the spoon out,but it seems to be a case of old habits die hard! :-)

Barbara said...

I hope the news about your thyroid turns out the way you want it too. I do the same thing with my spoon, keep it right in the cup while I drink coffee, or tea. now i have one thing banked in case i get tagged with a weird thing meme.

t~ said...

I can't believe he said that to you! lol So there must have been some playful mood that was involved, but I would have gotten fricken pissed if my b/f said that to me! lol i probably would have started a verbally snide war & stood up declaring that I'd be going shopping and to the spa and he better think about how enjoyable or not he wanted the remainder of the trip to be. lol

RisibleGirl said...

I have a tat on my toe. I used to always wear toe rings, so I designed a really pretty vine with purple flowers.

I'm getting a hankering for another tat, but not really sure where to put it. When you're old, you have to be careful of these things, you know....

I've designed it already. It's a broken down brick wall, with vines growing through it. The beautiful vines are what broke the wall down.

Significance? You betcha.

Zube Girl said...

Happy Villain- I'm glad I'm not the only one! I really should throw it in the garbage, but for some reason, I LOVE when I fill that little wastebasket up with nothing but lint. Weird.

Angel- We could be tattoo twins and go for four at the same time!

Miss I- We have too much in common.

CrazyLady- Thank you for that! I'll definitely check it out.

Storm- That is so sweet of you to say. Sometimes I think you guys give me too much props, but I thank you for it. :-)

Phil- You caught me! The offroading story is way cooler than scarring myself with my coffee spoon.

Junebee- I do know sign language, though it is rusty. And actually, Deaf people are very proud of being Deaf. It's interesting.

Gary- Now that would be crafty!

Kyknoord- And I need to retain all the brain matter I've got!

Mother Goosemouse- It would be nice. But, alas, that's not the issue. The thyroid is all good.

Justdawn- He's got a ways to go before catching up, eh?

Lisa- We're not weird after all! Or maybe...We're weird together!

Rich- I know. See, I've wanted this same tattoo for at least three years now. I think that means I should get it.

Sarah- How funny. I'm not alone.

Barbara- Wow. It's far more common than I thought!

t~ Hee. I couldn't stop laughing. That's the only reason I couldn't get mad.

Risiblegirl- Taht sounds like a cool tattoo! I say you should do it!

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