Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Name is Mud

Or, not really, but I fucking LOVE that song. And mud was an everpresent substance in my weekend. You can call me Digger. Because that's what the hell I've been doing for the past two days. I'm a dirty, dirty girl. One who is going to have a heck of a deck party in a couple of weeks. Because my deck? Is going to be bigger than your deck. 'K? But don't get all jealous. You're invited.

See, most of the time, I wasn't really using the mac-daddy hole maker. That was Zube Boy's job. I'm kind of glad, too, because digging within inches of cable and telephone wires with a bad ass machine is not exactly my forte. I had the distinct privelage of using a shovel. And it was a rainy weekend. Whee! Rain is most certainly not conducive to being a tidy hole digger. As is evidenced by the condition of my footwear.

Oh, how I wish I could say that I got this dirty four-wheeling.

I might've even fallen on my ass in the mud. I'm so work dizzy, that I can't recall, for sure. You be the judge.

My father-in-law ROCKS SOCKS! And busts his ass. We are forever indebted to him, and he can come and visit us from Chicago ANY TIME! He commented to me that we'd better watch out for the grave-diggers union. They might be looking for us. He couldn't be more right. I suppose Zube Boy is supervising. He's good at that.

I was downloading a bunch of pictures and noticed a bit of a trend. Here is one of the rental property we just bought. We painted the outside. And I use the term "we" loosely, here.

Again with the working father-in-law. And the not so much working Zube Boy. As a matter of fact, is he yawning?

Hired help:

For Hire: Muscly type dudes with a penchant for swinging a shovel. In lieu of pay, a hefty amount PBRs will be provided throughout the project. As well as handy-dandy spots to place your beer.

12 Leg Humps:

Kylei said...

I am so jelouse of your soon to be deck.kylei

Phil said...

Oh sure, I build a deck, now you have to build a deck. I swear it's like I'm living in a We Three Bitches question. lol

Seriously, though, you look totally bad ass driving that digger. My folks are thinking about putting in a retaining wall that they'll need digger work done for . . . how much do you charge? And that mud on the butt doesn't look like you fell down . . . the mud patch is about the size of Zube Boy's hand, though :)

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Bonanza Jellybean said...

OMG, the husband is going to take one look at the VERY LARGE TOY and start having visions. When he does, I'll be sure to call and blame you. :)

junebee said...

Definitely post a picture of the finished deck. It should bear a plaque dedicated to your father-in-law.

The beer posts are a nice touch too!

Chickie said...

Nice butt.

Anonymous said...

Damn baby you got a sweet ass!!

Respect to ZubeBoy.

PaintingChef said...

There is nothing to be said but DAMN. Nice ass.

Miss Cellania said...

I would have so much fun withy heavy equipment.

I love the song, too! My husband was a professional bass player.

Crazy Lady said...

Mess now, but it will ROCK when you are all done!
So let me see if I get the chain of command down:
Dad - does the work
Zube Boy - watches dad do the work
Zube Girl - takes pictures of Zube Boy watching dad do the work

Is that right?

Effortlessly Average said...

Ya know, I took a quick look through the pics and I thought I saw something at first. In one of you photog'ing your shoes, I thought that brown thing with the long string was a dead rat or something! My bad. hehe.

Dutch Oven said...

Wait a minute. You got to run a Deere backhoe to build your deck and all I got were a sawzall, 2 saw horses and a new drill. That better be one HELL of a deck since mine was only 18' x 18'.

I am very jealous - big toys with diesel engines.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Professional Bull Riders??????


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