Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An Ass-Kicking Fetus and Other Such Nonsense

-Last night I had a dream that my blog was funny again and didn't talk about being knocked up. Then I woke up.

-I've been hiding out in a little cocoonish world lately. I'm not sad or depressed or anything like that. At least I don't think I am. I'm just really, really hoping this works, and I plod through each day working and watching tv, only to look up at the clock in the evening and go, "Holy shit, I can't believe another whole day has gone by."

-This morning, I was spooning Zube Boy. His ass was all up in my belly. The Turtle started kicking. Zube Boy said, "Did the Turtle just kick my ass?" I said, "Smart kid, that one."

-I'm really, really looking forward to that moment in the delivery room when the doctor sees the kids bits and says, "It's a GIRL!" or "It's a BOY!" Imagining how cool that moment will be has gotten me through many an ultrasound without the temptation to find out what the Turtle's sex is.

-We've settled on a few girl's names. The middle name will be Jane, for my maternal grandmother, Janet. First names in the running are Cora and Fiona. I also really fucking dig Esme, but how the fuck do you pronounce it? I say it Ezmee, but I don't know if that's right. We'd like to have a few names picked out, because what if the kid comes out and totally doesn't look like the one name we've settled on? We're having a bit of difficulty with boys' names. The middle name will be Michael, 'cause that's Zube Boys first name and it's his family tradition to do that. I've got my heart set on the name Otto, Zube Boy's maternal grandfather's name, but I think I may be losing the battle on that one. Seamus* is on the table which goes very nicely with out Mc-Last Name. Naming a kid? Is fucking hard.

*Pronounced, and sometimes spelled, Shamus. It's Irish for James. I think some of you might be pronouncing it See-mus. Just thought I'd clarify.

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mothergoosemouse said...

Ez-may. I agree - great name.

And Seamus? I said it aloud to myself with your last name, and that is just perfect.

Hang in there Zube. I promise to brave the tunnel and come see you as soon as you say it's cool.

Minerva said...

Funny, I feel exactly the same.. like in limbo..

Good to see you occupied with names though - like Ezmee too..


Miss Cellania said...

You got that right, its a big responsibility hanging a lifetime label on someone you love. Think about how it will look on a business car, or in a headline. There's nothing wrong with Otto, but Esme will be hard to explain. I've always been glad of the custom of a first and middle name, because if the child hates one, he/she can use the other.

Dink said...

What we did is buy one of the bog bay name books and two legal pads. Each of us took a pad and went through the book and wrote down the names that we liked. At the end we compared lists to see what matched. Out of probably 200 on each list, only about 7 matched, and that made it VERY easy.

And then we changed the middle name right there in the hospital :)

My mother picked names for my sister ahead of time, and the minute she was born, they said "That REALLY doesn't fit", so my sister was nameless for about 3 days.

As someone with a fucked-up impossible-to-pronouce-properly last name, I vote some thing that's easier- Soccer Chick constantly has people mispronounce her name, and you know how hard that one is.

Dink said...

"BOG BAY?" Holy shit. That was supposed to be "BIG BABY." Sheesh.

Rich | Championable said...

I gotta say, Cora Jane and Fiona Jane are both really solid combos.

Rock on, sister.

Valerie said...

That moment in the delivery room WILL be one of your life moments that you will never forget. I've had three of those delivery-room moments, and each of them are fresh in my mind and carefully treasured. I'm happy that you will soon realize it and experience it for yourself!

On the naming note: we have an Otto in our family and let me just say this: I hope you DO lose your battle on that one. I'm just sayin'. Where did you get Esme? I've never heard that before. I'd pronounce it ESmee. I LOVE Cora. Fiona is good too. Not so sure I'm with you on the boy names. Seamus reminds me of semen...eh, I just can't buy into naming a kid after sperm. But again, I'm just sayin'.

PaintingChef said...

Okay. Seamus Mc-last name sounds like someone I want to get drunk with.

Becki said...

I TOTALLY agree with Painting Chef, Seamus Mc-Last name is a great drinking name. It's good to predetermine your kid as a party animal...it fits with the family thus far! :)

Kylei said...

My boyfriend and I fought up to the last minute and then somehow after watching me give birht he belived her name should be what ever I wanted to name her... not that it mattered anyway cause everyone calls her by her middle name and she has no idea who this Aleina person is we speak of. :)

Jen said...

I have heard the name Esme before but the pronunciation was Es-me, not Ez-mee. I like it better when it is Es-me. There is a famous short story I have read by J.D. Salinger called "For Esme- With Love and Squalor."

Seamus sounds good with your last name but I can just imagine how he would be teased when it is likened to "semen." I guess I had the same thought as Valerie.

Zube Girl said...

Hmm, I'm just wondering. With the semen thing, are you all pronouncing it See-mus? Or Shay-mus?

Phil said...

You know what boy's name goes really well with a Mc-Last Name? Phil. Really, it does. :)

I think Esme is pronounced "Esmay", since it's French. But I could be wrong. Maybe I'll try to ask around while I'm in France in a few months.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Ginamonster said...

I um had the semen thought too. because I was pronouncing it see-mus. I should have known better. Now i feel like a dope. Anyway, with parents like you guys, even if the kids do make fun, he'll have a snappy comeback that will shut them up.

Otto is the bus driver on the Simpsons...I think it's a cool name. But i'm not sure I like it with Mc-Last Name.

I love Cora and Fiona. Esme is nice no matter how you say it.

I have a friend who's mom was set on naming her baby Courtney. She just knew it would be a girl. When he popped out a boy, she named him Courtney anyway. You just never know what you will think after pushing a kid through there. Not that I know from experience, but I have a pretty good imagination.

justdawn said...

I think that you are to the point now that a real, live, take home baby is nearly guaranteed:) The Odd One just needs to grow a bit more, that's all!

I am LOVING the names! Isn't it fun??? I equally love Cora Jane and Fiona Jane. (Cora seems as though it would better fit a dark haired baby and Fiona a light haired one...) and although you aren't taking votes or anything...I am LOVING Seamus Michael. Seamus is one of my ALL TIME favourite boy names:)

Amy said...

Esme Jane sounds quite lovely. Quite ladylike and darling, really.

Crazy Lady said...

I went to school with and Esme, and she pronounced it Es-may. Take a baby name book with you to the hospital, because that little Turtle could decide that none of those names will do, and you are left picking out a new one. That's what happened with Delaney. Her name was going to be Taryn, but she just didn't look like a Taryn.

junebee said...

We picked names one time when the hurricanes blew out all the electricity. Branch and Blossom have 4 names each (not counting a host of nicknames, of which Branch and Blossom ARE actually used).

Anduin said...

My sister-in-law is Esmeralda and we call her Esmi (sounds like Ezmee). It's nice.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Should I ever become ready to attempt having children, I picked out Aidan Thomas or Aidan Patrick for a boy and Emma Marie or Emma with another middle name for a girl. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Seamus Michael and Fiona Jane....whichever it is....it hope it is healthy and beautiful.....

Laurie said...

Cora Jane is really adorable. I agree naming kids is damn hard. My youngest was 3 days old before he got one.

Oh and I'd shy away from Esme. It's the name of the wife in "Babe". Just sayin.

Good luck!

Miss Cellania said...

Of course its pronounced Shaymus, but there will be times when a teacher or receptionist calls out Seemus in front of a crowd. Be prepared. Other than that, a great name.

Amy said...

OK am I the only one who thinks of Shrek with the name Fiona? I love the name though!

I love the name Seamus, but I think that will be one of those names that you will struggle with his whole life getting the pronunciation correct. I spelled my sons name odd (never ask a woman fresh out of surgery how to spell!) Gregery instead of Gregory. We have fought this for well..... 11 years.

Here's a hint I was given when naming my son (who at the time the DR assured me was a girl).
Pick your name.
Walk out to your back door.
Yell your choice 10 times.
Because that is how you will hear that name for the next 18 years.

I think I've hijacked your comments. LOL

Al said...

Hey Zube!

You gotta name him Otto! I love that name. I wish I thought of it myself for my son Zach, but oh well. I always liked Mookie, but it got shot down in my house. You can give it a whirl.

Glad to hear that everything is well with you and the turtle!


Kara said...

Here is the correct pronunciation of Esme: http://www.stephenlawhead.com/extras/pronunciation.shtml

Both Esme and Seamus are both names I've been hearing mentioned more and more in baby naming forums. Given their slight rise in popularity, I don't think they'd have quite the difficulty with people pronouncing them as some may think. They're both great names and I'm particularly fond of Seamus.

Congrats on your new little person! :)


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