Monday, July 23, 2007

Odds and Ends...

-This morning I made a critical decision. Shower or sleep in? Sleeping in won. I am totally regretting that now.

-I am so fucking tired, you guys. I'm going on almost ten weeks of waking up every three to four hours at night. It's starting to wear on me.

-Zee and I are going to kick it in Jersey next weekend. Zee will meet her two cousins. I'm giddy with anticipation. I'm really not looking forward to the flight, though. By myself. With a 10 week old. Eek.

-Moving sucks. In my next life, I'm going to be a rich bitch so I can pay other people to do that shit. Either that, or I'll be a seahorse. I've always kind of wanted to be a seahorse. And I'd imagine boxes aren't involved when they move. That'd be nice. And the men do the whole pregnancy thing. I could live with that.

-Whenever I cook at home or eat at someone's house, I always take the least appealing looking piece of meat when the plate is passed. I've always done this. I don't know why.

-My birthday on Saturday was cool. Pretty chill. Went out for a couple of frothy adult beverages with Zee and Zube Boy. I was that lady with a baby in the bar. But really, it was 4PM and the bars here are no smoking. I didn't feel bad. Some people gave us funny looks, but fuck 'em.

-The other day, I farted and a little bubble got stuck between my butt cheeks. It felt totally weird. I had to do kind of a cross between the jig and the Macarena to release it. I was hoping it would make some sort of 'bloop' sound. It was silent. I was disappointed.

-Zube Boy has gotten me addicted to You Tube. I found this video. It was horrifying to watch the first time. I peeked through my fingers. I've since watched it several times and you know what? It is incredibly heartening. I might've even cried a little a couple of times. The way the coach and the audience all step up to help her through. Maybe the world isn't such an ugly place after all.

-Nothing will remind you of the importance of stretching like a baby. I love watching Zee Baby do her red in the face post nap stretches. I've learned to imitate her and it really, really feels good. You should try it.

6 Leg Humps:

junebee said...

Well, you seem tired but happy, that's good. Have fun moving. I can't imagine doing it with all the acoutrements of a baby.

Saskboy said...

I agree, stretching is an awesome use of time.

Kjersten said...

Hey there, I am curious to know if you think it would've been easier to move pre- or post-baby. Trying to decide if we should have the baby in temp housing, or get the move over with before our lives get turned upside down!

Also, I'm interested to know how you're prepping yourself to travel with a baby. We'll probably be flying for the holidays with a 3-month old and I am scared to death!

maegan said...

ZubeGirl - Just hang on until little Zee hits four months old...there is something magical about that age when it comes to sleeping!

Kjersten - We moved when I was eight months pregnant, and it was awesome! I think I moved a total of five pillows...otherwise I sat around and directed. I would highly recommend moving pre-baby if you can!

Anonymous said...

The video seems to have been removed from YouTube.
Hope your travels with Zee went smoothly! I HATE moving too. I have also sworn that the next time someone else will be moving and packing for me! The bubble? Been there...done that...those happen.
You sound like that typical happy and tired mom of an infant and I remember those fun days.

Lisa said...

ha! the first one- story of my life!


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