Monday, November 21, 2005

Don't Hate Me Because I'm SOOOO Good-Looking

Coworker: Man, I can't wait until tomorrow.

Z-Girl: Why?

Coworker: 'Cause I just get better looking every day.

Z-Girl: Hahahahahaha. That's awesome. I am so trying that when I get home.

A few hours later at home...

Z-Girl: Honey, I can't wait until tomorrow.

Z-Boy: Really.

Z-Girl: Yup.

Z-Boy: *silence*

Z-Girl: Well.

Z-Boy: Well what?

Z-Girl: Well, aren't you going to ask me why?

Z-Boy: Oh. Okay. Why?

Z-Girl: Because I get better looking every day!

Z-Boy: You're a dork.

19 Leg Humps:

Phil said...

Yep. ZubeBoy summed it up perfectly. :)


eV said...

The story of my life.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

ZubeBoy needs to be punished... not for saying you're a dork, but for not behaving properly for your joke. It bites when you wait all day for that and they just ruin it. :)

Amy said...

I agree with Bonanza. Why do they do that?!?! I have had SEVERAL half-ass decent funnies ruined because assmonkey wouldn't play along.

For the most part I've started refusing to laugh at his jokes in retaliation for just that kind of thing.

DelBoy said...

I just LURV reading your blog after work! It ALWAYS brings a smile to my tired face (even after smiling at customers AFD!) and sometimes I even laugh out loud! Thanks!

RockyJay said...

Comeback option for Z-Girl: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted then used against you."

Chatty said...

Ha! Sounds like my house. I am going to try it with my coworkers! LOL

I love your site.

Zube Girl said...

Phil- Come on now! Whose team are you on anyway? ;-)

Ev- I'm sorry to hear that. :-) Or not. Misery loves company, eh?

Bonanza- Seriously, he could've just pretended, you know?

Amy- Don't you hate that? You save it up all day, and they just turn it into a flop. Assmonkeys.

DelBoy- Thank you. :-)

RockyJay- I'll save that for next time, because I know it will happen again!

Chatty- Hey, thanks! Hopefully your coworkers go with it a little better than Zube Boy did.

justdawn said...

I am usually the guilty party when a joke gets ruined;)

Crazy Lady said...

Don't you just hate it when good jokes go bad?

Kjersten said...

I'm going to use that tonight!!!

junebee said...

I'm surprised Zube-boy hasn't used that on you first. That sounds JUST like something he would say.

Dutch Oven said...

It's hard for us hot and sexy people - we are so misunderstood.

Crazy.Spoiled.bLitch. said...

Huh? Wha? I don't get it...


Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

Ah, but the revenge is better, yes? I mean, so he ruined your cute joke/truth and called you a dork. But isn't it much sweeter when you get to share the joke with your readers, who all got a kick out of it, and now we're all sitting around talking about how Zube Boy is a typical guy who ruins jokes/truths like that. So, he's being mocked in public for not playing along like a good boy. Personally, I think you got the last laugh, my dear.

Denotsko said...

The best is when you tell a joke and get no response. Then two weeks later, they get the same joke in some shitty forwarded e-mail and read it to you like it's the best joke ever told.

I love that

Zube Girl said...

JustDawn- Well dang you! ;-)

CrazyLady- Absolutely hate!

Kjersten- So! Did it work?

Junebee- If Zube Boy had said it, I would have totally fallen for it.

Dutch Oven- It is. Is there a support group for Hot and Sexy People?

CrazySpoiledBitch- *snickers* Am I married to you??? ;-)

Librarian- You know what? I like your thinking.

Denotsko- Ha! If he does that to me, I'll slap him upside the head!

justdawn said...

You do realize that you just gave denotsko full license to knoeck me upside my head, right?!?

And if not paying attention to jokes was among the worst of my gripes, then life would be grand.

Zube Girl said...

JustDawn- SHIT! I meant that as slapstick humor. Sorry! I would never smack my husband upside the head. I nonchalant wave of the hand is enough. :)


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