Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well, It's No Pulitzer...

But I feel all cool, nonetheless. I've shared with you a couple of poems from Valentine's Days past that I've submitted to the Love Notes section of our local newspaper. This year's poem won me first place! Do I kick ass or what?

Here 'tis:


In last year’s poem
I got on your case
About being stuck on the couch
With your leg in a brace.

And now it would seem
That the tables have turned
And it’s the image of my butt
On our couch being burned.

I had always thought
Pregnant women start nesting.
But oddly, you’re cleaning
While I’m here bed-resting.

Let’s hope that it keeps
The little one cooking a bit longer
With each passing week
He or she is getting stronger.

So thank you for fetching me
Bon bons and juice.
Here’s to hoping in May
You’ll be tying my shoes.

With a Valentine like you,
My life is certainly complete,
But I know that we’ll swoon
When our family welcomes two more little feet.


PS- You are going to be the best Dad ever. I just know it.


AND, for those of you playing along at home, my appointment on Thursday went well. My cervix measured 3cm. Totally and completely average. Never did I think I'd be so happy to settle for mediocrity. But I am.

I'm also 26 weeks and a few days. My initial goal of at least 28 weeks seemed quite daunting when I was only 21 weeks. But now, it's seeming attainable. Whew.

9 Leg Humps:

Viki said...

Very sweet.

You know you're going to end up going past due, and then you'll have to be induced.

Miss Cellania said...

I can see why that won first place. It sure made ME smile! Congratulations.

Gary said...

Congrats on your cervix and your poem. Most poets never get published.

Amy said...




Just wait, pretty soon you'll be in your third trimester and completely miserable with heartburn and backaches and braxton-hicks. Oh what fun!

nicky said...

Congrats on both the poem and reaching 26 weeks. Dirty diapers and midnite feedings are just around the corner!

Dink said...

Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! 1st place! and 26 weeks! It sounds like this is your month!

karen said...

Those of us playing along in NJ spent three additional hours (due, we hope, to an accident although we never did see one so it could have just been a cosmic joke) in the car with our kids on what was planned as a six hour jaunt thought of you on the weekend. Why? Because we might have been reading your blog, had we not been stuck on I-80. What did we think? We thought about how proud you will be to have your own small one to drag all across the country...and then we hoped all your relatives live very, very near by. :) Congrats on 26 weeks - here's to 28 before you know it!

hevnev said...

Congrats on reaching 26 weeks. Your more then half way to the finish line. When do you find out if you are having a boy or a girl, or do you even want to know?


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