Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Wussy and Some Pussies

Dear Mom,

Could you get a fucking hobby that doesn't involve dressing me up like a jackass, taking pictures and posting them on the internet? It's bad enough that I'm terrified of my water bowl. You're turning me into a wussy. As if de-balls-ing me weren't enough?

I hate you.


Dear Zack,

You're a sucker. Mom gives us treats and we don't do shit.

The Cats

17 Leg Humps:

Rich | Championable said...

Actually, he looks quite dapper. I've seen much, much, worse.

PaintingChef said...

I think he looks quite handsome in a hat...Belle looks kind of like a dork when she has one on. I have much more fun harrassing my cat than my dog. She's a better sport about it.

Territorial said...

I look forward to his pictues..he's very photogenic. As for the cats...they've go the life!

Ginamonster said...

he looks like a good dog. he's cute. I might develop a doggy crush on him.

lysie6211 said...

Awesome! I used to put a bow tie on my ex BF's cat at Christmas. Mr. Kitty's Christmas bow. LOL. Have you been over to my blog. More stupid pet dressing up pictures. Except dogs don't cooperate as well as some cats.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

OK, now I feel compelled to try and dress up the horses for pictures. If they kick me, can you guest post for a day or so?

And Zack lookd like a very cool canine private Investigator. Maybe there's a movie deal in his future.

Phil said...

Dear Zack,

Dude, what are you complaining about? You look very dapper (that's a good thing, really!) AND get treats out of the deal. Sure, the cats get treats too, but they look like a bunch of lazy puss-bags and get no respect from the blogsphere. You, on the other hand, look cool as shit.


P.S. Could you please teach Duncan how to sit still after getting dressed up? Apparently, putting a hat on gives him the impression that he's an epileptic, and he goes into convultions until he removes the hat.

zazzafooky said...

HEHAHAH :-) You lady, are just too cute, cool and crazy!! :-)

txsm said...

Ok, when I look at the second pic of Zack...I immediately think of 'Clarence' from "It's A Wonderful Life"....he just needs some glasses to make it complete. Too cute!

Minerva said...

Just discovered you and read the whole page and LOVE it...
As for random ellipses, I am so with you there...
lovely to meet you,


junebee said...

Zack is right. His mom needs to get a hobby. I say cats are all Democrats. They do nothing and expect a government handout...

Dogs are Republicans, you can usually get them to do some sort of work (roll over, play dead, sit, get the newspaper, etc).
He does look very Republican in those pics.

Zube Girl said...

Rich- He just doesn't know how good he had it.

PaintingChef- Okay, my cats are SO disagreeble when it comes to dressing up. Zack's been trained well.

Terr~ Zack appreciates that. He does. And, I wish I were a cat,

Ginamonster- You have my permission to crush on him! He is pretty cute.

Lysie- I saw that picture! So cute.

Bonanza- I will fill in for you, but only if I can use the word 'cunt'. I'm sure you wouldn't mind.

Phil- The trick is many, many, many treats, and YEARS of training. Zack has learned to repress his epilleptic seizures.

TJ- Right back atchya.

TXSM- Hee. Now I'm going to have to see that movie!

Minerva- Thank you. :-) You kick ass yourself.

Junebee- Heh. Even being a Democrat, I find your comparison funny. It's pretty, well, true.

Chickie said...

Zack was obviously born to wear clothes. I've never seen a dog look so natural in them. Or maybe he just has a good designer?

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

That's one debonair dog, if ever I saw one. My dog would've eaten the hat and shirt on sight -- he's a bit of a goat.

As for the kitties, well, pussies rule. It's that simple. :)

justdawn said...

I am totally smitten with your sweet Zack:) I am totally getting a Weim...they are such awesome dogs!

kyknoord said...

You deserve a degree in animal psychology for this short, but pivotal thesis on the differences between dogs & cats.

Zube Girl said...

Chickie- It's due to his unusually fabulous grasp of the command, "Stay." And his undying love of treats.

Librarian- Pussies do rule, don't they?

Justdawn- Weims are COOL. High maintenance, but cool.

Kyknoord- It's be nice to have a degree in SOMETHING! My Mom would be proud.


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